15% off all carbon filtered water bottles keeping your water super pure
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15% off all waterproof gear, electronic pouches and duffels
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Swifty Scooters

10% off the coolest adult scooters money can buy
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360 Expeditions

Join Em as she leads a group of YesTribers trekking through Jordan to Petra in May.

Fancy something different - climb Kilimanjaro, trek the Sahara desert or head to the Himalayas, everything is possible. Free Berghaus base layer for all YesTribers.

Explore the website www.360-expeditions.com and be inspired. 

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Guiding Star Adventures

Join Guiding Star Adventures on fully supported trekking and cycling expeditions to some of the wildest places on earth.

Tribe Members: £90 off the Outer Hebrides cycle and 10% discount on their Wilderness and Wild Camping Weekends.

Conquer the wild

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Beyond First Aid

Our resident life saver - training with Steve is so much fun! He is super experienced and delivers the most informative, relative and entertaining first aid courses ever - you'll leave with life-saving knowledge in your mind and a big grin on your face!

10% off all first aid training, event cover and supplies for Tribe Members.

Get in touch for details admin@beyondfirstaid.co.uk