A Get Started weekend on the YesBus


A Get Started weekend on the YesBus

EVENT: Saturday 27th January to Sunday 28th January

Join SayYesMore founder Dave Cornthwaite and life coach Vix Anderton on the YesBus for a weekend designed to kick-start your year.

We've organised a series of talks, workshops and pause sessions to help you work towards a successful, balanced 2018.

This is the first of 2018's programme of courses, seminars and other events to be held on the YesBus, a converted double decker bus created by SayYesMore as a countryside base for learning.

Tickets - get yours here

Ordinarily these sessions are priced between £35 and £50 each, so we hope you find good value in the full weekend ticket, which includes:

  • Access to all sessions
  • Access and chill-out time on the bus between sessions
  • Overnight camping near the YesBus
  • Tea and coffee
  • Group and individual chats with Dave and Vix throughout the weekend


Saturday 27th January

12:00 - Turn up, set up your tent and meet the YesBus and your hosts

12:45 - An introduction to the YesBus

13:00 - Getting Started: how to plan a big project (90 minutes - led by Dave Cornthwaite)
Whether you're setting up a blog, cycling across a continent, embarking on a new project at home or are just ready to start something new, this workshop will help you: Develop a viable project plan. Shape an appropriate online presence. Overcome challenges before and after the start line. Move forward despite unsupportive friends and family. Design a project budget and savings plan. Decide whether to fundraise or not to fundraise?. Work out what and what not to pack for an adventure. Give sponsorship advice. Provide encouragement, targets and accountability.

14:30 - Break time (60 mins). Take an hour to enjoy the YesBus, read in our open-plan library upstairs, or take a walk in the countryside.

15:30 - Values and Intentions (90 minutes - led by Vix Anderton)
This 90 minute session is designed to help you understand your values, so that you can create guideposts for your future decisions.  You will define your core values, create statements that bring your values to life, and get clear on how you can put your intentions into action.

17:00 - Break time (30 mins)

17:30 - Social Media Like a Champ (90 minutes - led by Dave Cornthwaite)
If you're an individual or a small brand aiming to create more impactful, positive and interactive social media content, this is the session for you. Running a good social media network is a huge step in creating a modern day brand, learn how to grow your audience and develop a strategy to ensure future updating isn't just easy, but fun as well. Keeping your message on track at the same time as relating to your followers is at the heart of all social media, and this workshop will help you get creative at the same time as sharing tips and tricks to get ahead of your competition.

19:00 - Dinner (food not included. Will enjoy a group meal either cooked on the bus or ordered in. To be decided the week of the event.)


Sunday 28th January

07:30 - Micro Pause (60 minutes - led by Vix Anderton)
This 60 minute pause is designed to give you an opportunity to pause and take stock of where you are, how you feel and learn some practices to manage stress and anxiety that you can do by yourself at home or at work.

08:30 - Breakfast (simple breakfast will be provided.)

09:30 - How to make a film on your smartphone (120 minutes - led by Dave Cornthwaite)
This is the perfect session for anyone wanting to capture their adventure without dishing out extra cash on camera gear. Dave has filmed with his iPhone for years and introduces real-life examples and skills, as well as an interactive live-demonstrations of how to edit on a phone. Although the filming half of the workshop is relevant to any phone or small camera, he will be teaching how to edit specifically on the iPhone.

11:30 - Chats with Dave and Vix, then chill-out time

13:00 - Home time.

Your Hosts

Dave Cornthwaite Sweden.jpg

Dave Cornthwaite

Dave has a habit of doing things differently. He's a record-breaking adventurer who has travelled over 22,000 miles without motors as part of his groundbreaking Expedition1000 project. Dave is the founder of SayYesMore and the YesTribe, community initiatives designed to create opportunities that nudge people towards finding out what they're really capable of. He has written three books, created hundreds of short films, delivered hundreds of lectures worldwide and now lives on a boat in London with his fiancé Emma, who is absolutely delighted that he's now made up for being a total loser in his early twenties.



Vix Anderton

Vix Anderton is a multi-potentialite, building a portfolio career to change the lives of women and girls as individuals, in organisations, and in society.  She is a life coach and mentor, an independent inclusive leadership and gender specialist, and a yoga teacher.   Her latest project is building a tech-enabled business from scratch with Zinc.vc to transform the mental and emotional health of women and girls; The Practical Balance will be launching soon!  In previous lives, Vix was a Royal Air Force Officer and worked in international development.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get to the YesBus? Click here to see your options
  • What about parking? There is a small fee for parking, use the available ticket machines. 
  • What facilities are at the Bus?  Are there toilets and washing facilities? There are currently no showers at the YesBus, but a bit of bacteria never did anyone any harm. We're building compost toilets in the Spring of 2018 but until then a deluxe (yes, deluxe) portaloo is available with running water.
  • Where do I sleep? There are plenty of spots to camp near the YesBus. Camping is free when you're attending an event. If you don't like mud, cold or fresh air, there are plenty of Airbnbs and B&Bs in the region.
  • Should I bring my own food? We have basic cooking facilities on the bus (note: the bus kitchen may not yet be ready to use in January 2018), including a basic camp stove. We will often do a group shop during a YesBus event and cook a simple meal together. Ot order a takeaway/ visit a local pub/ cafe together.
  • Does the YesBus have a recycling policy? It does. We're still building and installing our bins but we're mindful of recycling and looking after our little corner of the planet. 
  • Is there anything I shouldn’t or can’t bring? 
  • Are there tea and coffee facilities? Yes, tea and coffee is included.
  • Is there potable water? We are still installing water so it may not be running in late Jan 2018, but we will ensure drinking water is on site.
  • Is there anything I should bring? A notepad and pen. Camping equipment (if staying overnight). Snacks. A smartphone with video editing app (if taking part in smartphone filming workshop)
  • I have a YesBus day credit after supporting the crowdfunding campaign, can I use it? A day credit is ordinarily use for a co-working day or a YesBus open day or party. In this case, your day credit can be used as a £25 coupon towards a ticket

Contact yesbus@sayyesmore.com if you have any further questions and we'll get right back to you.


Caretaker wanted for arctic island retreat


Caretaker wanted for arctic island retreat


Could you live on an arctic island paradise for two months? This is your chance. 

We've partnered up with the Arctic Hideaway to give you the chance to become caretaker of an island retreat off the Norwegian coast.

This role is valid for 8 weeks between April and May 2018, and SayYesMore will help to manage future caretaker positions.

Visit http://bit.ly/caretakerwanted for more details.


Join the team for The Longest Swim


Join the team for The Longest Swim


The organisers of The Longest Swim, Ben Lecomte's 2018 attempt to swim across the Pacific from Tokyo to the USA, are inviting YesTribers to apply to join the journey's support team. 

This is one of hardest endurance challenges a human has ever taken on, and spending six months at sea in support of Ben is not a decision to be taken lightly. But for the right person, it could be the opportunity of a lifetime. 

Read Team Leader Paul's advert below and follow the link if you're interested.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 09.43.29.png

Embark on The Longest Swim!
We are seeking passionate and dedicated individuals with a taste for adventure to join our team of like minded volunteers. Our mission is to help Ben Lecomte, the first person to swim across the Atlantic Ocean in 1998, to now become the first person to swim across the Pacific Ocean, from Tokyo to San Francisco. He will be escorted by the 67ft escort sailing yacht Discoverer to host him at night and bring him back to the previous GPS location every morning. Swimming 8 hours a day for about 5000nm, the expedition is expected to last a minimum of 6 months. 

Ben has always swum for a reason, and the main mission of The Longest Swim is to raise awareness on the impact we have on the ocean. We will be doing sampling all the way to contribute to several oceanic research programs (plastic pollution, ocean acidification, marine life…) in coordination with 13 science institutions including NASA and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. 
Connected via satellite, we will be sharing online our everyday life, the challenges of the swim and the data collected from the scientific research, to bring our followers in the middle of the Ocean. 

YesTribe member, if spending 6 months offshore unsupported sounds like a good idea, you are probably crazy enough to embark on Discoverer and complete our 8-member crew. We are looking for people with at least one of the following skill sets:
- sailing: experience as skipper or first mate on long offshore passages
- science/educational outreach: to help coordinate the sampling and share our science with the audience, in coordination with our science team on land
- expedition/sport medicine: to take care of Ben and the crew under the direction of our medical team on land

If you want to stay dry, we are also seeking volunteers to complete our logistics and communications team on land.

The plan is:
- January - February: preparation of our support boat Discoverer in our base camp AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles
- February - April: sailing from Los Angeles to Tokyo to deliver the boat
- May - November: The Longest Swim from Tokyo to San Francisco
To apply, or for any questions: join@thelongestswim.com

Feel free to share this with anyone who you might think this would interest. Check out our website for more information at http://thelongestswim.com. And follow the adventure on our facebook page, The Longest Swim


Paul Lecomte

The Longest Swim - Project Manager


Skype: The Longest Swim


Say Yes More to Winter Sports!


Say Yes More to Winter Sports!

If you love skiing or snowboarding, or both, then the idea of experiencing endless winters and making awesome friends HAS to be on your bucket list.


Imagine spending November – April in the European Alps, the Pyrenees, the Japanese Alps or even the Canadian Rockies… and then heading down under to Australia or New Zealand to work in the mountains during their winter between June and October. This is the life of a ski instructor! (or snowboard instructor, we’re not biased). Every day is spent doing the sport you love, and days off can mean ice skating on frozen lakes, hiking through snow fields, or simply relaxing in an outdoor hot tub. Heaven, right?

Winter Sports Company are a family of ski and snowboard instructors, winter is our passion and the mountains are our office...

Where did it all begin?

Back in the early noughties, our founders, Steve and Karen, decided to take a break from life in the UK and train to be ski instructors – this career break changed their lives, and never again were they bound by the four walls of an office. After qualifying as instructors, Steve and Karen decided they had access to a world they never knew existed and they could open that world up to like-minded people, so Winter Sports Company was born, an organization dedicated to instructor training camps, allowing enthusiastic skiers and snowboarders the chance to qualify as instructors in just one season.

Group of Instructors Sun Peaks Resort.jpg

Since the early days, hundreds of instructors have joined the Winter Sports family – some are now back in the UK studying at university and they use their instructor qualifications to get free trips during uni holidays. Others spend winter ski/snowboard instructing and summer doing seasonal work in the sun. But the hardcore snow-chasers, do rolling seasons across the world – earning money teaching the sport they love! And the rest, well, they simply joined us for the season of a lifetime and have returned to their life with amazing stories, fond memories and great new friends.


So, if you love snow and skiing or boarding is your jam, becoming an instructor is the perfect lifestyle.

Winter Sports Company specialize in gap years that never have to end, with ski and snowboard instructor courses running in Canada, Italy and New Zealand, it has never been a better time to become an instructor. To get 5% off any of our 11 week courses in Canada simply call the office quoting ‘Say Yes More’ when you book.     

There is no age limit to our courses, however, if you’re aged 18-30, check out our internships with guaranteed paid work as soon as you qualify.