Be a little part of something greater and join a communal waterbike relay along 1000 miles of England's rivers and canals, along the way collecting one million pieces of litter from the countryside..

The journey started in late April and our waterbike is now moving around the canal system. We invite you to jump onboard for a leg to celebrate and look after our waterways, and to spread the word on social media so more people can get involved.

We created this journey because we believe that adventure should be accessible to everyone and do some good at the same time, so thanks in advance for getting involved!


The Waterbike Collective is supported by KEEN Europe, who have enabled us to cover the costs necessary to carry out the initiative's aims, including producing a post-journey Plastic Clever Blueprint which will be made available to all schools in the UK. To request a copy of this, please email events@sayyesmore.com with your school's postal address. #bettertakesaction

Meet the waterbike

The Schiller Bike is a stable, fun way to explore on water. It also happens to hold the world distance record for a waterbike (along the coastline of Norway in 2017) and is accessible enough to allow people of all levels of fitness and abilities to safely jump on.

There's a handy platform at the front for litter-picking equipment and plenty of carrying space for camping gear and personal items for each rider. Finally, it's a really unique craft and perfect for capturing the imagination of a nation.

Log Your Litter Pick

Wherever you are we'd love you to clean up your local region, collecting litter on your walk to work or during your morning job! Help us get to one million pieces by logging your pick-up here.




The Route

This journey loops around much of England, taking on 1000 miles of waterways starting in Bishops Stortford. The voyage starts in Bishops Stortford before passing through London and heading north along the Grand Union Canal towards Milton Keynes, Leicester and Nottingham. Sheffield, Leeds, Blackburn and Manchester are just a few of the towns and cities the waterbike will pass through, with gorgeous stretches of countryside in between.

The initial loop will be completed by stretches along Shropshire's canals, the River Severn and the length of the Kennet & Avon canal. Once at Reading the waterbike will be transported north again back up to Wolverhampton, where the orange section of route will start, running through Birmingham and Oxford and following the Thames all the way back to London for a finale in September. 


Sheffield to Leeds - 16th to 22nd June

Leeds to Blackburn - 24th June to 2nd July

Blackburn to Manchester - 3rd to 8th July

Manchester to Wolverhampton - 9th to 21st July

Wolverhampton to Worcester - 22nd July to 27th July

Worcester to Bristol -18th July to 4th August

Bristol to Reading - 6th to 17th August

Wolverhampton to Birmingham - 20th August to 25th August

Birmingham to Oxford - 26th August to 10th September

Oxford to London - 11th to the 30th September


Get Involved

If you don't fancy riding the waterbike there are plenty of other ways to be a part of this project.

  1. Organise a group clean-up, wherever you live
  2. Walk alongside the waterbike in your local area, helping to collect litter and support the leg. Don't forget to log your pick-up!
  3. Accommodate/feed/support whoever is riding the waterbike through your region - they will be very grateful!
  4. Share on social media: share a positive message with our hashtags on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We'll even write a quick copy-and-pastable sentence so you don't even need to think about it!
  5. Sponsor the project and help us run more events

How to join the journey

  1. Take a look at the map & pick a section
  2. Sign-up to a leg using the form below
  3. Once we've confirmed availability we'll send you a link so you can join the project with a £25 contribution
  4. You're in! We'll send you a welcome pack and be in regular content so you're ready for your stint on the waterbike! 

Sign Up for a Leg

Name *
This will only be used in the course of organising this event. Your no. will not be shared with any outside party.
Choose your preferred leg *
We're not asking whether it's your right or left. Each section is over the course of a number of days so once you apply we'll work with you to find the best day/ leg for you.
Do you understand that all riders are required to pay a £25 registration fee? *
This will include a t-shirt and Water-To-Go water bottle for each rider, and help us organise more group events around the country.
Do you want to overnight camp? *
Handovers and ensuring the waterbike isn't left alone overnight is important, so we'd love to know if you like the idea of camping, or not!
Note that we have a very healthy FAQs section which may be able to answer your questions.
 Ed Gwynne takes on the River Stort on Day One of the Waterbike Collective. Image by Tanya Noble

Ed Gwynne takes on the River Stort on Day One of the Waterbike Collective. Image by Tanya Noble



People - Be part of something bigger. Aim for 1000 people to get involved.

Get Outside  - Nature is medicine. Fresh Air = New Perspective. 

Clean-Up - Protect what we know and spread the ripples of care, activity and passion. Collect 1 million pieces of trash and create a blueprint for any community pick-up project


Friends of the Waterbike Collective

We've been supported by some wonderful friends. Click on their logos and each purchase of a product via these links will commit a donation back to the Waterbike Collective and help us continue to bring people together, outdoors.