Me too.

It’s been quite a journey for me so far over the last eight years.

Akin to floating down a river; sometimes coming across rapids and waterfalls, other times long calm stretches that meander along; and quite often, stopping to meet a fun tribe, try a new float, have a go on a tyre swing, or hear a few words of wisdom from a wizened monk.

Most recently, I’ve exchanged floats and embarked on a new journey of creating, and hosting a podcast called The Lilly Wild Show to help you become unstoppable, to unleash your potential and forge new connections with other like-minded souls.

The Lilly Wild Show

When I started finding mentors for my own health and business, my life transformed. I would now love for you to have that experience too.

Each week, I’d love for you to join me, as I jump into the nitty gritty of how to unlock and unleash your best self with some of the brightest, most badass world changers and forward thinking minds in adventure, health, fitness, entertainment, science, entrepreneurship and much more!

Intimate, raw, open and often intense, these are conversations that will motivate, inspire, empower and provoke you to discover, how you can become the best version of you and create a life you truly love.

This has become my passion over the duration of my winding journey of ups and downs, that I would love to share with you, openly, honestly and vulnerably, so that you feel you can create a life you love too.

It All Began With…“If They Can Do It, So Can I”

Sometimes it’s the simplest questions that prove to be the key to unlocking and unleashing our best, most extraordinary self. 

Tony Robbins says the quality of questions you ask, creates the quality of your life. 

I now know what he means…

It was a cold blustery morning in Vancouver, where I was studying for a Geography degree. I stealed myself away into the student union, a large glass building, it’s gloominess reflecting the outside weather. It was empty at 6am.

When I got onto Skype to talk to my life coach, I felt despair and sadness encroaching in, silent tears rolled down my cheeks. I wanted to quit, but fear was holding me back. 

He asked me ‘Why can’t you quit and do something you love?’ Why can’t you create your own brand and business like Al Humphreys, Rich Roll or Sophie Radcliffe?

I hadn’t been challenged in this way before and my rather pathetic counter argument was.. ’but I can’t’, to which he replied ‘Why?’

It was like a light had been switched on and I suddenly thought to myself, ‘ Well if these people who I follow and love, like Christmas Abbott, Belinda Kirk, Tony Robbins Tim Ferriss, Brendon Burchard and Anna McNuff are creating a successful life for themselves doing what they love, then maybe I could do it too.’

That was all I needed. A whole new world suddenly opened up to me. I used this as my mantra and decided to quit University for the second time, the first being due to ill health. Almost instantly, I signed up to Escape The City.

I was met with resistance, but all I kept saying to myself was; “If they can do it, so can I!’ This gave me the momentum to follow my intuition and heart.

During this time I also created a vision board of how I wanted my life to look; this continues to evolve as I grow to know myself, but now I have my vision and I know I can arrive there.

My vision is to create a life that intertwines the worlds of adventure, action sport and start-ups with life transformation coaching and brain training. 

My passion lies in self-mastery; pushing the boundaries of your mind and body, going against the grain of conventional wisdom, the pursuit of adventure and unlocking and unleashing your best, most extraordinary self - regardless of gender, background or experience.

Creating A Life You Love Starts With Your Mind

The key to thriving is your mind. I have learnt this lesson many times over and it’s finally hit home.

The first time I learnt this invaluable lesson was four years ago, when I fully recovered from four years of moderately severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Irritable Bladder Syndrome and Irritable Bowl Syndrome.

Using a powerful combination of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis and Coaching, in 3 days I was trained to recognise when I was using my body, nervous system and specific language patterns in a damaging, stuck way and how to develop new, healthier, wonderful neurological pathways.

I’ve found these tools to be incredibly powerful and fascinating, so I’m now training for my Masters in NLP, Hypnosis and Coaching. 

Together, these tools have enabled me to be a catalyst for transformation, for myself and others. 

I can help people uncover and put into action the tools, resources and strategies that they need to unleash their most extraordinary self, achieve astonishing results, reach incredible levels of personal fulfillment and live a life they love.

I believe that everyone is a genius, either at useful or not so useful behaviours.

We all have the resources we need within us to get what we want out of life and most importantly, we always have a choice of the emotional state we’re in at any given time.

Learning and understanding how we can create powerful, useful emotional states and choosing to be in the most useful states at any given time, is crucial to living a life you love. This allows to surf the waves of life, instead of crashing into them.

The Importance Of Mentors

I’ve been fortunate to have three amazing mentors, who have come into my life at the perfect time and have pointed me in the right direction. 

My life coach was the person who empowered me to take action and gave me the confidence and courage to stand up for myself, as previously mentioned.

Another mentor that stands out to me, was one I met in Australia…

Having just arrived back from a thrilling time working on a cattle station, we were sitting in a bar talking about the future. He sensed that I wasn’t very excited about studying Geophysics at Southampton University the following year. 

So he asked the simple question; ‘What the f*ck do you want to do that for? Just quit and do something you’re passionate about’. 

I never knew that it was an option available to me!! So I withdrew my application to university pretty much the next day.

Be Like Water

I have something to confess…I’m a self-improvement geek and junkie. 

I love making mistakes, failing fast and receiving feedback, because I can then improve, develop, grow, and take another step closer to my best, most authentic self. 

My life coach first taught me to go with the flow by being like water. 

If you try to hold onto water tightly, then it will just run through your fingers and you’ll never get anywhere. 

However, if you allow water to flow and cup it in your hand gently, then you will have more success in holding onto it. 

So this is what I try to do: go with the flow of the universe with ease, comfort and a sense of calmness and a knowing, that whatever happens, it has happened for the best, even if you can’t see the wood for the trees at the time.

As Steve Job’s says, “You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something - your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.’

The Yes Moments

For me there is no singular Yes Moment that has transformed my life and led me to where I am today, but rather, a series of Yes Moments.

The feeling to break through the constraints of conventional wisdom had been bubbling powerfully away inside me since 2012, when I heard Paul Rose’s talk about Frank Wild: Antarctica's Forgotten Hero at the Royal Geographical Society. I heard Wild’s quote and thought, THAT’S ME!

‘Once wedded to Nature there is no divorce - separate her you may and hide yourself amongst the flesh-pots of London, but the wild will keep calling and calling forever in your ears. You cannot escape the "little voices” - Frank Wild

Adelaide on Durang Durung glacier, Ladakh

Adelaide on Durang Durung glacier, Ladakh

The dream of embarking on a polar adventure drove me to fully recover from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and so my most powerful Yes moment was a year after this. In April 2013, I said Yes to learning how to re-wire my bran (in three days) with the powerful combination of NLP, Hypnosis and Coaching.

This has been the single, biggest transformation I have ever experienced.

My Next Yes Was To Adventure…

I had never been adventuring before, but decided to join an Explorers Connect event soon after fully recovering. Safe to say, one microadventure had me hooked on exploring, pushing my comfort zone and having fun in the great outdoors.

The next Yes moment was withdrawing from university for the second time and joining Escape The City’s Startup Tribe. This gave me a spring board for learning how to create a business, including The Lilly Wild Show, and my new coaching business.

Dave Cornthwaite and the Say Yes More Tribe continually inspire me and give me the incredible energy to Say Yes More. Without them, the Explorers Connect community, Project Awesome, and the Escape The City communities, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Every member is unique and whether they realise it or not, they have all inspired and motivated me every day to continue along my path.


If you’re intrigued by my story and curious to know more, plug into The Lilly Wild Show to listen to my short n’ sweet episode '0' where I talk about my journey, or you can dive straight into one of the fabulous episodes! A few of my guests have been Yestival speakers too :)

Stay Wild!

Adelaide x

Host and Founder of The Lilly Wild Show, a weekly podcast designed to delve deep into how to become the best version of you, with some of the most badass world changers.

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