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Fancy a winter cycling day trip? So do we! That's why we're going to Richmond Park on Sunday the 12th of February. We'll meet at the cafe near Roehampton Gate at 10AM and then cycle for 14 miles (which should take about 1.5 hours) through the park, past Hampton Court and then back round via Bushy Park before finishing in The New Inn in Ham.

Most of the riding will be off-road and the pace will be gentle.

Everyone is welcome so please invite friends and family! Full details are available here.


Walk the Wight is an event aimed at raising money to support the Earl Mountbatten Hospice in its provision of patient and family care. Those raising money can take part in one of a series of walking events, all of which will be held on Sunday 14 May 2017. 

Fiona Trowbridge is doing the longest of the 4 walks and will cover 26.5 miles in total. She's looking for other YesTribers to join her as she estimates it will take about 10 hours to finish the walk. There'll be plenty of wonderful views as you cross the spine of the island, not to mention fantastic company! You can register for the walk here and join the tens of thousands of people who have helped raised over four million pounds since the event began in 1991.

Please contact Fiona on Facebook if you're interested in joining her on the walk or if you'd like more information.

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