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Researched and written by Richard Potter.


In November 2015 Michelle Ellison, Tom Hook and Andy Grant began a challenge to climb the highest peak in every country in Europe.  The list (available here) ranges from Mount Elbrus in Russia (5462 metres) to St Peter’s Dome in Vatican City (132 metres).  They’ve scaled 18 so far and have 30 to go.  Next on the list is Monte Titano in San Marino, which they’ll be tacking later this month.

When they complete their challenge (the finish is scheduled for October 2017) they’ll have climbed an epic 87,704 metres with the support of The Outward Bound Trust. If you’d like to make a donation to the Trust please visit this site.

For more information about 48 peaks later and to follow the team’s progress, check out their website. They’d like as many people as possible to join them on the climbs so feel free to get in touch with them if you’re interested! In particular, they’re looking to have 45 people join them for the final climb, Snowdon, so that 48 people will climb the 48th peak.


To start off 2017 with a bang, Tara Papworth made the 1st of January the start of a 1200km cycling trip down the Carretera Austral in Chile.  The airline lost her baggage but this hasn’t stopped her adventure: we look forward to seeing further updates on her Facebook page. Go Tara!


If you're based near Bristol (or will be in the area on the 8th of January) and you fancy meeting some fellow YesTribers, then come along for a 6 mile walk (taking in Blaise Castle and Kings Weston) followed by roast dinner in a local pub.

The meeting point will be in Shirehampton at 11AM on the 8th: full details are yet to be confirmed but will be listed on the Facebook event page.


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