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Researched and written by Richard Potter.


On the 4th of May 2015 Tim MIllkin hopped on his bike in Reading, Berkshire and began a fantastic cycling journey around the World to Reading, Pennsylvania. Since then he's travelled 25,000 kilometres and have been on his bike for 628 days!

Tim is shortly due to start the second half of the trip which will take him from Ushuaia, Argentina to the finish. He's got 15 more countries to visit and another 25,000 kilometres to cover before he finishes in summer 2018. Go Tim!

You can find out more about Tim's trip on this website and you can also follow him on Facebook.


Dare2express is a charity that helps people with mental health conditions obtain grants for the cost of treatment. On Monday 13 March John Dennis, the founder of dare2express, will give a talk aimed to inspire people and offer courage through daily struggles from a child of suicide, a suicide survivor, severe depression and PTSD. John will also discuss tools he has used to fuel his love of life and of adventure again. 

For more details about the talk and to register for a free ticket, visit this website. You can also visit the website and Facebook page for dare2express. 

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