A weekly (most of the time) round up of stories, events and projects coming out of the YesTribe.

Researched and written by Richard Potter.


Do you care about animal welfare? Stephen Brassett certainly does! On the 7th of January he began walking over 4,500km around New Zealand to raise money for animal welfare organisations, raise awareness about the issues these organisations face and generally improve animal welfare in New Zealand. 

Stephen started in Invercargill and his route will take him up the South Island, to the top of the North Island and then back down to Wellington for the finish. He's reached Gore already even though the floor of the micro camper he's pulling behind him was torn out during a transit accident. We're wishing him well and looking forward to further updates about his journey!

You can follow the progress on Facebook or on this website and you can make a donation at this site.


On the 27th of January YesTribers will be attending The Wassail, a ceremony that ensures lasting health of the orchard. Its a merry night of noise, fire, food, drink, poetry and songs! If you'd like to join them just head to Hasslemere train station by 5:30pm on the 27th. 

Full details are available on the Facebook event page.

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