2 September 2016

The YesTribe is a community turning ideas into action, whether that be encouraging adventurous thinking, finding (or creating) work we love, getting involved in charities or simply designing a lifestyle that fits perfectly with our individual personalities and needs.

We're going to be regularly sharing YesTribe stories and here's our latest bunch of brilliant and inspiring YesTribe stories of those who are making life more memorable.

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Melanie Joe & Michelle Ellison - Source 2 Sea, Thames River Relay

The Thames River Relay kicked off this week, which is a Totally Thames Festival event aiming to promote the use of the River Thames recreationally and to raise awareness of the health of the river. This is a community event that aims to encourage people of all ages and abilities to use the river recreationally and most importantly to have fun on our waterways.

In support of this initiative, Yes Tribers Mel and Michelle have organised an SUP paddling relay running the length of the Thames!! To find out more, follow the journey or get involved check out the Facebook page.

The YesTribe are taking part between Eynsham and Oxford on Saturday 3rd September, show your support and find out more here.


Jon Beardmore - Film Maker. The Great Game: 30,000 miles across Central Asia

Inspired by a game of cricket in Kabul, Jon set out on an extraordinary nine-month solo overland journey across Central Asia in a 20 year Landcruiser called Boris and only his mascot Kiwi Ted for company. He set off with one burning question in mind - is Central Asia really as dangerous as we're led to believe?

Since returning Jon has created a brilliant film which has won the Adventure Travel Film Festival 'New Talent Award' for 2016.

If you haven't had chance to see it yet, the next viewing is in London at the the London Charity Premiere on 8th October 2016. You can get your tickets here.

You can find out more about The Great Game through Facebook and the website, @thegreatgamemovie. You can also find out more about what Jon's up to on his Facebook page.


Slow Travel Girls - Geraldine (Ged) McFaul and Erin Williams

slow walking girls 2.jpg

A YesTribe shout out to the Slow Travel Girls who last year walked from Cardiff to the source of the river Thames and then onto London, to raise money for Hope & Homes for Children and StoryCorps. Since then, they have spoken at a Night of Adventures sharing what they learned along the way.

You can follow them on Facebook and check out their website to find out more about their experience, who they met and what they learned on their way. Oh and be sure to watch their presentation! What's next?


Have you been inspired by any of these stories? Do you have your own to share? We’d love to hear about it. The YesTribe is a community that is free to anyone who is looking to make life less restricted, more enjoyable, more interesting and more memorable. Your story doesn’t need to be an endurance adventure, many of the YesTribe are making films, raising money for good causes and developing the community. 

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