The organisers of The Longest Swim, Ben Lecomte's 2018 attempt to swim across the Pacific from Tokyo to the USA, are inviting YesTribers to apply to join the journey's support team. 

This is one of hardest endurance challenges a human has ever taken on, and spending six months at sea in support of Ben is not a decision to be taken lightly. But for the right person, it could be the opportunity of a lifetime. 

Read Team Leader Paul's advert below and follow the link if you're interested.

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Embark on The Longest Swim!
We are seeking passionate and dedicated individuals with a taste for adventure to join our team of like minded volunteers. Our mission is to help Ben Lecomte, the first person to swim across the Atlantic Ocean in 1998, to now become the first person to swim across the Pacific Ocean, from Tokyo to San Francisco. He will be escorted by the 67ft escort sailing yacht Discoverer to host him at night and bring him back to the previous GPS location every morning. Swimming 8 hours a day for about 5000nm, the expedition is expected to last a minimum of 6 months. 

Ben has always swum for a reason, and the main mission of The Longest Swim is to raise awareness on the impact we have on the ocean. We will be doing sampling all the way to contribute to several oceanic research programs (plastic pollution, ocean acidification, marine life…) in coordination with 13 science institutions including NASA and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. 
Connected via satellite, we will be sharing online our everyday life, the challenges of the swim and the data collected from the scientific research, to bring our followers in the middle of the Ocean. 

YesTribe member, if spending 6 months offshore unsupported sounds like a good idea, you are probably crazy enough to embark on Discoverer and complete our 8-member crew. We are looking for people with at least one of the following skill sets:
- sailing: experience as skipper or first mate on long offshore passages
- science/educational outreach: to help coordinate the sampling and share our science with the audience, in coordination with our science team on land
- expedition/sport medicine: to take care of Ben and the crew under the direction of our medical team on land

If you want to stay dry, we are also seeking volunteers to complete our logistics and communications team on land.

The plan is:
- January - February: preparation of our support boat Discoverer in our base camp AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles
- February - April: sailing from Los Angeles to Tokyo to deliver the boat
- May - November: The Longest Swim from Tokyo to San Francisco
To apply, or for any questions: join@thelongestswim.com

Feel free to share this with anyone who you might think this would interest. Check out our website for more information at http://thelongestswim.com. And follow the adventure on our facebook page, The Longest Swim


Paul Lecomte

The Longest Swim - Project Manager


Skype: The Longest Swim