Some ideas for how we're starting to manage posts on the YesTribe group, and a tutorial on writing blog posts.

With over 1290 people signed up to the YesTribe group on Facebook we’re starting to look at ways to manage content.

We'd like to ensure that the stories shared hit the mark, doesn’t dilute the message we stand for, gives group members the choice of reading (or not) and writers the chance to be read.


Our Guidelines for posting on the page:

  • Long posts (anything over two paragraphs) should be written elsewhere in a blog format somewhere, then a link to that blog shared on the page.

  • We’re conscious that with a growing audience the community might be attractive to anyone selling things, but we don’t want this to be a marketplace. We’re working out a way to make this all-inclusive (especially with really cool offers or relevant events), so bear with us and don’t necessarily be surprised if a ‘buy this!’ post is rejected.

  • Members of YesTribes outside of the (current) core group in London may not relate to the more personal posts naturally posted in the main group. Once a regional YesTribe is founded and consistent we’re likely to set up regional pages but don’t want to jump into this straight away.


How to write a blog

  1. Set up an account on a blogging platform. Medium is really good for thought-pieces. Website software sites like Squarespace, Wix or Wordpress often come with their own blog widgets. 

  2. Write your blog. Re-read it and share it with someone you trust to make sure it’s not riddled with typos.

  3. Think of a title that will excite people and make them want to read the post. This is more likely to be successful if it hints at the content, rather than tries to be fancy

  4. The tagline is important. Use around 20 words to add value to the title and point potential readers towards the blog. More than 20 words will likely mean the tagline isn’t all visible when posted into Facebook, like this…

  5. Find a copyywrite-free image to compliment your blog. Here’s a list of cool creative commons (free to use) images sites.

  6. When you’re ready and your blog is live copy to the link for your blog into Facebook. A preview of how your article will show up.

  7. Once the preview shows up, you can delete the link to the article - this tidies up your post.

  8. Don't forget to tag anyone who is mentioned, and if you're not sure whether they should be tagged or not, ask them!

  9. Share!

Join the YesTribe on Facebook, write a blog for us, and share with your friends..