We’re super proud of our woods and at some point will open it up for more regular public use, but for now we have plenty of work to do to bring it to life. So please don’t share this map publicly or visit the woods outside of publicly advertised events. Thanks!

Getting to the Woods

When searching for a woodland to call our own we kept accessibility in mind, at the same time as wanting to protect the woods from overuse and overcrowding. The woods we found, designated by the green shading on the map take about 2 hours from a central London location (90 mins if you get lucky with transport times). The journey is part of the decompression from the city, so enjoy it and give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the woods.

When finding a group at the woods, basecamp tends to be around the tree icon in the upper section of woods north of the bridleway. There is little to no signal in the woods, so ensure the group leader knows you’re coming ahead of time.


There is no parking directly at the woods, although a 4WD could make it down a long grassy ride (from the blue flag on the map - we need to know you’re coming as the gate to the ride is locked).

There’s space for a couple of temporary parked cars at the blue flag on the map, opposite gates, with the drive along Colmore Lane from the Unicorn marked in blue on the map. When parked here, take one of the shorter yellow routes to walk in, either along a bridlepath or down a long, grassy ride.

We recommend parking up at a local pub and walking in (do ask permission to park). The Unicorn in Peppard (Colmore La, RG9 5LX) is a 20 minute walk from the woods, and the Rising Sun (Witheridge Hill, RG9 5PF) is 10-12 minutes walk.

Public Transport

The Unicorn in Peppard (Colmore La, RG9 5LX) has a bus stop with direct buses from Reading Train Station. Henley-on-Thames is the closest train station, but then a 4.5 mile walk.

Walking or Cycling

Using the nearby pubs as a navigation waypointThe Unicorn in Peppard (Colmore La, RG9 5LX) is a 20 minute walk from the woods along the bright yellow track (the first few hundred metres are along a quiet country road, and the rest a lovely walk through woodland), and the Rising Sun (Witheridge Hill, RG9 5PF) is 10-12 minutes walk along the orange track.