We’re now proud guardians of almost 7 acres of woodland in southern Oxfordshire, a little patch of England for the YesTribe to nurture and protect. Part of our ethos is to encourage people out into wild places because that way they’re more likely to care for the habitats they enjoy, so our woodland days will be a mix of gentle forestry - clearing dense coops of wood, building insect and small mammal habitats, replacing fences and replanting native species - and peaceful wild camps after a meal and chats around the campfire.

Now and then we’ll open up the wood for bushcraft and camping skills sessions, but on the whole we’re keeping footfall low for the sake of the woods and the creatures that live there. This is why we don’t make the location public.

Make sure you’re signed up to Wake Up Wild on Facebook and come along to the next event at the YesWoods that you can, then we’ll send you directions and location and will look forward to spending some woodland time with you.