Yestival 2017

Our awesome photographers came to Yestival for free and have kindly shared their pictures and talent with us. Please do give them some love, book them if you need professional photos for an event, follow their social media accounts and ask their permission/ tag them if you want to share any of these shots. 

Raphael Rychetsky

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Waheed Khan

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David Altabev

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Yestival 2015

Tim, Kerry, Amy and Ella Meek, The Family Adventurers

Talk Title 1: Do It Your Way

Amy, 12 and Ella, 10 have been travelling and adventuring with their parents for the last three years. They’ll share their thoughts on how adventure is for anyone, and how the family has taken adventure ideas and giving them a fresh spin. Like climbing Everest, paddling the Glenn Coe Canoe Trail, and doing 500 Fresh Air Miles all over the world. 

Talk Title 2: DIY: Life

Tim and Kerry discuss how they wanted out of a rut and looked for how they could achieve that by removing barriers, doing something different and valuing disposable time more than disposable income. Aware that their kids were growing up quickly, Tim and Kerry made doable changes to their lifestyle (weekend adventures, midweek adventure, eating out etc) to help tip the work/life balance and make it all worth while.

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James Wallman is an author, father, activist and futurist

Talk title: Why you have to say YES to the Experience Revolution

His book, the best-selling Stuffocation, has been reported by, among others, the Sunday Times, the Financial Times, the Guardian, the Observer, the Sun on Sunday, the New York Times, and the BBC: James has appeared on Newsnight, The One Show, the Steve Wright show and the Chris Evans Show. 

He has commented on trends happening now and forecast what will happen next for more than a decade, and given strategic advice and talks from Amsterdam to Beijing and California: for companies including Absolut, BMW, and Google. James recently founded a think tank, The Future is Here and is a board member of Keeptrax, a US start up whose app helps smart travellers remember life's most important moments.

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Harry and Charlie Thullier, Adventurers and Ice Cream Gurus

Talk title: From Brazilian beach to British bowl. How two brothers came to challenge the worlds largest ice cream companies."

Charlie Thuillier: Charlie completed an unofficial world-record in 2011, travelling 1,000km by kite-buggy with his brother Harry. Running out of food during the trip they lived off coconuts and wild superfoods. This sparked a revelation: natural ingredients can make indulgent food guilt-free. Returning home Charlie left his job at Diageo and founded Oppo.  

Harry Thuillier: After a brief stint as a keyboard player (playing at Glastonbury and 10 Downing Street) Harry decided he was more suited to a career in business. As Head of Marketing for a VC backed online venture with Google, Harry had a kite surfing accident which landed him on a jetty and in hospital. Inspired during his record-breaking kite buggy adventure with Charlie, Harry decided to leave his role and join Oppo full time at the end of 2014. 

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JAMES MEARNS, DJ (see James on Friday and Saturday night)

Mearns started DJing at university in Leeds where he became addicted to playing and entertaining a crowd with music he loves. It was here he supported many great acts in the electronic music scene. The more he invested into the music the deeper his love for the classics became. His love of disco, funk and soul grew and he quickly became known for dropping a few curve balls into his upbeat house sets. 



Talk Title: The Scenic Route

Anne-Laure has certainly taken the scenic route when it comes to finding her creative path in life. She will explore the tug of war between a paid profession and a creative passion and how to find a way to spend more time painting on a mountain side rather than being stuck behind a glaring screen. She'll will talk through this transition into becoming a full time creative practitioner through some of her most recent trips, including being a ship's artist on a transatlantic voyage on tall ship Tenacious, painting trips to the Dana valley and Petra in Jordan, and Shifting Sands daily drawings.

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Chris Ward, Author, Activist, Cyclist, Coffee Drinker

Talk Title: Don't Just Have an Adventure - Live An Adventurous Life

In the last few months Chris has worked with the UN & Richard Curtis to launch the Global Goals worldwide, finish 3rd Brit in the amateur cycling world championships, backpack through China and Japan with his son and seen his book 'Out Of Office' return as the No.1 book for entrepreneurs. And, he does all this in t-shirts and jeans from the best coffee shops round the world. For Chris it's not about going on an adventure - its about living an adventurous life. His mum thinks he still looks 12 but he's actually 52 so he's the proof we can all do it. Find out how!

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Rob Young,  Doer

Talk Title: Go. Do. Turning ideas into action.

Following a 15,000km road trip, Rob got to business, amongst others starting the hundred dollar club by giving $100 away to strangers. He also created a family who are all about saying yes to adventures, usually involving a camper van...

Rob loves saying YES to new ideas and he helps people make things happen, from the simple to the seemingly impossible. In his talk 'Go. Do', he’ll unclog your inertia, banish your doubts and move you from saying YES to doing YES.

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Laura Kennington, Adventurer and Fitness Professional

Talk Title: The Russians and the Irish

Laura is passionate about using her fitness expertise to train herself for endurance adventures and to motivate others to take on their own challenges. She’ll be talking about accidentally becoming a Russian celebrity and suspected spy during a recent kayaking trip. She’ll then discuss how this led to her cycling the world’s longest coastal route in Ireland en route to her Uncle’s wedding.

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Melanie Joe & Michelle Ellison, Part-Time Adventurers

Talk Title:  Thames Source to Sea SUP

Inspired by immersing themselves in London’s adventure community, Mel and Michelle will be talking about the highs, lows and lessons learnt in planning their first UK based adventure, what happened when they involved citizen science and will be inviting you to join them on their 2016 adventure. 

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Russell Smith, Scooting Adventurer

Russell Smith has been an outdoor fan from his first wild camp at the age of 8, He’ll be talking about his #GreatBritishAdventures, and how not saying yes more and listening to the little voices can slowly cripple you” 

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James Borrell, Scientist

Talk Title: Biodiversity By The Bucket Load

James’ mission is to bring that sense of adventure and optimism to the world of wildlife conservation. Instead of all the bad news we hear about daily, lets celebrate the stories that succeeded against all the odds! A veteran of research expeditions around the world, James will take you from the steamy rainforests of the Amazon to the sweltering deserts of Oman with biodiversity by the bucket load.

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Greg Foot, Science Communicator

Greg is a Science Presenter on TVon YouTube and on Stage.

He’s Blue Peter’s Resident Science Guy, hosts multiple series for BBC Worldwide, has wracked up more than 5,000,000 hits on his YouTube films, and writes & presents sell-out spectacular live science shows around the world. He’s also been given the prestigious title of ‘Engagement Fellow’ for The Wellcome Trust.

Greg has been frozen, shot and buried alive, built a jet-powered go-kart and a real levitating hoverboard, answered people’s questions from ‘What causes a beer belly?’ to ‘Why do we have pubic hair?’, unleashed giant flamethrowers on stage, and sat inside a bowling ball loop the loop… for science!

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Danielle Marchant, International Life Coach | Founder of The Pause Retreats | Pioneer for Heart Centred Coaching

Talk Title: How to say yes when life says no!

Danielle is an international coach with over 12 years experience coaching leaders and executives in over 20 different countries. After reaching burn out in Singapore in 2012, she went back to Cornwall to recreate her life.  She found life had given her an ‘enforced pause’ but at the time struggled to find all the resources she needed to get life back on track. This lack inspired the creation of The Pause Retreats, a series of retreats that help people listen to what life is telling them so they can avoid having their own ‘enforced pause’. 

She currently lives in Bali and London, where she is pioneer for heart-centred coaching and an advocate for breaking society’s mould. Today she coaches people to break through a conventional way of living.


Belinda Kirk, Founder of Explorers Connect & Base Camp Festival. 

Talk Title: Adventure Career Seminar

Belinda has worked in adventure for 20years as a diver, biologist, expedition leader, film-maker and now as Founder of Britain's biggest adventure hub "Explorers Connect" and Britain's first adventure festival for grown-ups "Base Camp Festival". Explorers Connect lists the best adventure jobs in UK and around the world, Belinda will be talking about how to get work in the adventure industry

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Talk Title: Don't Just Exist. Live. 

A 2x cancer survivor, travel seeker and snap happy guy, Tommy will be talking about how travel changed his life. He'll be talking about how there is more to life than just existence, sharing cultures with the group, his experiences on the road, and his next adventure - which starts at Yestival!

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Talk Title: People Along the Way

Inspired by this ever-growing adventure community, I really wanted to get out there & experience new and exciting things. In the three years since leaving school, I’ve been on a number of journeys by land, sea and river, but ultimately, it’s been the people I've met along the way that have formed this story so far.

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