Dream it. Dare it. Fund it. Do it.

No limitations. No age limit. No idea too big or small - we know, it's not often that we say 'No'!

If you have a passion project that you've been dreaming about turning into a reality but need a stepping stone to get you started; or an adventure inside you bursting to come out but money has been a barrier - then the YesGrant could be for you.

We've partnered with Berghaus to make your next step just that little bit easier.

This grant could be used towards an adventure, to help start a business, a charity, start a course, fund a community project or go towards a nominated person of your choice who really needs a helping hand to make some magic happen.  

The only thing we ask for if you win, is to share your story of how the grant has helped you - a blog post, some social media, photos and permission to feature in a film. 


Before applying

We'd all love some free money - but please stop to consider if you actually need it. Can your adventure, project or activity happen regardless, without the grant? Just pause to think why (if at all) you deserve it over someone else, and let that be reflected in your application. 

This grant should NOT go towards an entry fee for an event, we want to support unique, one-off projects to highlight the power of individual thinking.

And for the time being we're only able to award the grant to UK-based applicants. In time, we hope to make these grants international.



Share a post about this grant tagging SayYesMore and Berghaus and using #yesgrant on social media and we'll know you're a nice person. And we reckon nice people should have a better chance of winning stuff.


How is the winner chosen? 

We work together with a panel from the sponsor company and members of the SayYesMore team to decide the most deserving winner


Applications are now closed. Please check back soon for our next round of YesGrant applications.




If your company is aligned with the SayYesMore philosophy of positivity and you'd be interested in sponsoring a quarterly YesGrant, please get in touch with us