Carry the right gear, good idea

Who fancies a fabulous little mid-week adventure with fantastic folk in the form of a campout?! Our fourth one of 2019!

Let's meet at The Manor pub at 8pm and have a wine/hot choc with a chinwag before heading out into the wilderness for a night under the stars!
Then wake up bright and breezy ready to whizz away in time for work... easy peasy :)

Grab some food/drink to bring with you, though please remember minimal (or even better no...) single use plastics. A flask of tea/hot chocolate is always a good shout, especially in this slightly colder weather.

No tents, please - we want to stay low level!

Recommended packing list (playing this on the cautious side and this list is for a full weekend, so pick and choose what you think you need for a night under the stars)

* Backpack. No larger than 40 litres. Ensure everything fits!
* Waterproof stuff sack or two to ensure things inside backpack remain dry in case of rain. Especially important if backpack doesn’t have a waterproof cover.
* Shelter: Bivvy bag (This is a waterproof cover for your sleeping bag - it’s the lightest, most low-profile form of wild camping). Your choice if you'd like to bring a tarp, too, if rain is threatening it's nice to have some cover.
* Sleeping bag: Four season ideally for the British Winter!. (Don’t underestimate the importance of your sleeping bag!)
* Roll mat: Either foam or inflatable will do - it provides extra comfort and insulation
* Walking boots/ shoes
* Comfortable and warm walking socks
* Breathable waterproof jacket.
* Waterproof trousers, if rain is forecast
* Lightweight, active clothing to walk/sleep in. Base layer, top layer (could be waterproof jacket), lightweight trousers
* Extra thermal layers. You will need dry, warm insulating clothes such as woolen tights and undershirts, dry socks, a light down jacket or a woolen jacket/pullover and warm trousers. Don’t forget a warm hat and light but warm gloves.
* Basic first aid kit (campout leader will carry one of these)
* Re-usable water bottle/flask - one for hot drink and one for cold
* Headlamp

Pack light. You can pack in case of all conditions but a too-heavy pack will decrease your enjoyment of the trip. Main priority is to ensure you stay dry and warm in case of poor weather.

If you have any questions about the packing list or if you are short of an item or two, just let the group know and we can try and source it for you. The YesTribe seems to have lot of outdoorsy people who are willing to lend kit to those new to wild camping. If you are unsure, just ask. :)