All your Wake Up Wild questions answered

What is Wake Up Wild?

Wake Up Wild is run by SayYesMore, designed to create group campouts all over the UK on the night of September 28th 2019. SayYesMore community, the YesTribe, was founded on group microadventures, gathering with friends and strangers for a night under the stars. On September 28th we’re hoping for two thousand and nineteen people to sleep under the same sky.

Is there a cost?

Yes, but it’s really little! Signing up to Wake Up Wild costs £6.50. This is broken down as following: £1.50 goes to SayYesMore to organise the event and cover insurance, campout leader expenses and admin. £3.50 will go to our tree planting charity partner, Tree Aid. And the final £1.50 is a fee charged by Eventbrite, the website we sell our tickets through. If you would like to take part but don’t feel you can afford £6.50, please do drop us a line - we like our events to be as accessible as possible.

What else do I have to do/ pay for?

All you need to do once you sign-up is wait for our team to get in touch and set you up with a local campsite and leader. And then you need to sort out your own gear and food, and get yourself along to the campout!

What is Tree Aid?

We’re really proud to be supporting Tree Aid, whose work in Africa has made a difference to hundreds of thousands of people. They also have a small project in the UK, which we hope to work together on in the coming months and years.

TREE AID supports women in the drylands of Africa, including Mali, to use the power of trees to grow food to feed their children and earn an income. Trees are a lifeline, providing fruits and nuts all year round, for generations to come. TREE AID provides the training and tools a woman needs to turn these tree products into nutritious food and goods to sell at the market, such as shea butter, enabling her to grow her way out of poverty.

Over the years Tree Aid have planted over 1 million trees, helping over 635,000 people out of poverty.

Will I need my own camping gear?

Yes. We’re asking all campers to ring their own gear, and will provide a recommended kit list once you sign up. The basics are sleeping mat, sleeping bag and tent/hammock/bivvy bag.

Do I need a tent?

As above, you’ll be required to bring your own camping gear. We’ll be organising camp spots which where possible will allow tents, but we also encourage bivvy bags and, for certain camping spots in woodland, hammocks.

What’s a bivvy bag?!

A bivvy, bivvi or bivi is short for bivouac, and is a waterproof cover for your sleeping bag which will enable you to sleep outside with some protection from the elements, without having to carry a heavy tent.

What if I don’t have my own camping gear?

We’re seeing if we can build a camping store of second hand kit to make this event possible for those who don’t have their own gear. Watch this space.

Will there be a campfire?

This is dependent on the campsite. We’re doing our best to find campsites with an existing firepit.

What about toilets or showers?

Each one of our campsites will be different. Some will have facilities like toilets, others will be fields or woodland with no infrastructure.

What should I eat?

This is totally up to you. You could eat before joining the campout, or take a small camping stove to cook up a supper and breakfast. If you’re bringing a dehydrated food sachet don’t forget to bring water, too!

Can I drive to my camping location or is there public transport?

In most cases, we anticipate that there will be limited car parking near each venue. As much as possible we’ll be looking for campsites within 30 minutes walk from a train or bus station.

I live somewhere super remote, will there be a campsite near me?

We will try our very best to find camping locations for all, but in the event that we can’t you’ll have the choice to receive a refund or set up your own individual or group camp near your home.

What do I do with my rubbish?

On the morning of September 29th each campsite will be left exactly as we found it. The campout leader will bring along means of collected and carrying out rubbish.

Is this event legal?

Absolutely. We’ll be working with landowners to gain permission for every camping site. As long as you don’t misbehave and break any laws during the event, it’ll all be legal :)

Can I bring my dog?

This is dependent on the rules of the campsite you’re going to, but we’re doing our best to find dog friendly sites. Please remember to pick up any poop and remove it from the site when you leave.

Can I bring my kids?

Absolutely! It’s so important to connect our children with nature and families are very welcome.

How many people can attend?

Each one of our sites will have a different capacity. If past YesTribe campouts are anything to go by, your group will likely be between 10 and 50 people people.

What if there’s a storm?

We’ll be monitoring the weather and being the United Kingdom, of course there’s a chance that the weather might not play ball. Our priority is safety, and we’ll do what we can to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable time. If it’s looking wet, we’ll see if we can organise some larger communal tents for larger shelter.