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Megabikes across Europe


Megabikes across Europe

By Megan Cumberlidge

A few days ago I arrived back in the UK after cycling solo and unsupported across Europe, from London to Athens. The 5631km ride took me through 14 countries over 88 days. 

I had spent many years reading about other peoples adventures then had an epiphany, the only thing that was stopping me was deciding to go! After a relatively short planning period I had a rather ad-hoc approach to planning and made up most of my route on a day to day basis. This meant that I could get tips from those I met on the road.


During the journey I conquered my fear of wild camping and was often hosted by local people I met along the way. The kindness I was shown was astonishing as people regularly offered me a bed, food and far too many shots of lethal spirits!

I am now a firm believer in the mantra that flat is boring. My highlights occurred without exception in the mountains, leg burning ascents almost always result in incredible views. And ever worse flat generally means headwinds! 

I learnt many lessons from the trip, in particular:

- The world is an incredibly friendly and beautiful place.

- You are capable of more than you realise.

- It is possible to live your dreams!


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