If you can't find a YesTribe in your area, why not consider setting one up? It doesn't have to be a full-time commitment and we're always on hand to help you with ideas and encouragement.

If you’re keen on starting up a YesTribe in your local area here’s a guide on how to kick things off. 

Steps to setting up a YesTribe

  1. Have a quick read through this guide to get a feel for what's needed

  2. Email hello@sayyesmore.com to let us know you'd like to lead a local tribe, and then we'll set up a video call so we can say hi and get to know each other before you kick things off

  3. Set up your Tribe's Facebook group (check out the other groups for style and wording, ensure the title is 'The YesTribe [your region]' and invite anyone you know who lives with a SayYesMore attitude. Ensure the group is public and that your SayYesMore core crew contact is also an admin of the group.

  4. Organise your first event

  5. Enjoy the process of getting people together and watching your tribe grow. Thank YOU!



  • To provide a safe space and a supportive, welcoming community in your area.

  • Organise regular situations, events and gatherings (at least two a month) so your community has the ability to grow.

  • Share opportunities from your local area and further afield


Set up an event through your own local YesTribe Facebook group and share to the main YesTribe Facebook group - so everyone can see what you're up to, there may well be more people in your region who are part of the overall group.

Make meeting place, time and activity clear and try to answer FAQs in the event description - it'll save you some time later.


  • Ensure you’re familiar with the place you’re taking people before the campout

  • Put meeting place, time and destination on the Facebook events page

  • We encourage people from the YesTribe to go camping but can’t take responsibility for the safety of your campout. Please make everyone involved aware that they’re off for a nice adventure under their own control

  • Be available to offer advice about the right gear to take on a camping trip, especially in extreme temperatures. A winter’s night can be beautiful to camp out in, but dangerous without warm enough gear. If in doubt, please ask Dave or the tribe for advice on this.


Lots of pubs or cafes have a function room or event space. You might have to hustle but don’t be afraid to ask for the space for free, especially if you’re bringing in a crowd of people who will buy drinks and/or food. For small groups why not just reserve a table in a cafe?

If you want to put on a presentation search for a space with a projector + screen OR flat screen TV with a HDMI connection. 

Suggestions on meet-up format

  • 5 min opening welcome, introduction and update on latest SYM news and events

  • Start with The Circle: a quick introduction from everyone to break the ice

  • Open Mic for 20 minutes (Max. 2 minutes per person) enabling members to share stories of success, dreams, ideas, asks for help or an adventure on the way

  • 15 minutes general chat/ beer

  • Main speaker or Workshop/ Skill-Session lasting 20 to 30 minutes including Q&A

  • More Beer and chat

  • Sleep

If you have other ideas for local meet-ups or adventures big and small and would like any additional support or advice, just drop us a note and we’d be happy to help!