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Tom Helbig

Tom loves to play outside, make friends, protect our environment, be healthy and live simply! This focus has led to creating an adventurous and community minded lifestyle. It has also manifested in living in a camper and van for four years. He created a life mantra to live active, laugh more, inspire all that led to starting his company Tomfoolery Outdoors in May 2014. 

Tomfoolery Outdoors is a playful company that encourages people to live an active outdoor lifestyle while making a difference in the world! The outdoors are for everyone and we should do something active in the outdoors every day! We hope you will mix in a little tomfoolery. Be silly, goofy, laugh! Unleash your inner five year old if you are 50 and hang on to your inner five year old if you are five. Through his events, promotions and guide services a transformation will take place that reminds all to live life to the fullest. 

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