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Jup Brown

My name is Jup Brown and I’m from Wanaka in New Zealand but live in Japan a lot. I have a head full of Dreadlocks and speak Japanese so you can imagine the looks I get.

I LOVE to go on adventures and explore our beautiful world which has lead me to amazing projects, lots of YES’es & connecting with people , I just love wandering off in a direction and seeing what or who comes along.

I have 3 rules in my world and they are:

1. If I make eye contact with someone I must say hello and smile brightly.

2. If I look at something twice as I’m passing by it means my curiosity is wanting me to go find out more.

3. Keep things simple

So you can imagine it takes me a while to get places and that I like to make friends with everyone. Which makes for a lot of fun, memories and amazing connections. I love to listen to people stories and adventures and have a few to share too so please don’t be shy and drop me a line and lets inspire each other and those around us.

Projects completed

2010 – Ran a marathon down from Everest Base camp while carrying a 8kg bag of rubbish I

had picked up on the hike up there. ( This trip lead to the school project in 2018/19.I had

made a promise to my Sherpa that I would help his village one day.)

2011 – Run 100kms on a treadmill at a mine site on a island in Australia – raised $40,000 nzd

for a mate Nick who’s in Wheelchair to get him a 3 wheeled bicycle.

2011 – Ran the length of New Zealand (2959kms / 67 days) – for Stroke Foundation ( Nick

rode his bike with me for 2 sections of the run)

2012 – Ran the length of Japan (4239kms /98 days) – for the Tsunami Affected areas.

2014- Ran a marathon on a treadmill in a pub to raise money for some kids in America.

2015 – Ran Across the US, LA to Boston (5400kms /114days) , then had a idea to ride a bike

back to LA but go via and across Canada ( 13400kms /125 days) . It’s what I call my “Circle of

Awesomeness” as I went around in a full circle and met people who created a whole lot of

Awesome during my time on the road.

It was a truly amazing year thanks to 1000’s of people.

2018/19 – Helped a school in Nepal developing their Sports ground, ( making it flat so you

could play games on it). But it was only possible after a talk I did at a school to some 12yr

old kids. That’s when the magic happened and I watched Aussie kids help kids in Nepal and

inspire others around the world with their simple act of kindness