The outdoors is our medicine

Getting outside and connecting with others can have huge benefits for both our physical and mental health. The YesTribe was founded on heading out to spend a night in the great outdoors with good people and we’ve seen proof of the benefits firsthand, linking connection with the natural environment to our wellbeing.


Life isn’t easy

When life gets tough or just generally busy, it can be easy to become disconnected from our environment and the people around us. We’ve all experienced how this can lead to feelings of isolation, unhappiness and at times, hopelessness.

As a community we are proud to try and be a part of the solution by providing a non-judgemental and friendly space where people can share their experiences, through a variety of mediums, and support each other - whatever’s going on.

However, we get that reaching out and sharing isn’t always easy. So, as a first step, we hope that by simply listening to someone else’s story shared here, the world might seem a bit smaller and problems a little more surmountable.

Videos and blogs by YesTribers


The Joypot Theory

Whilst we believe that getting outside with like-minded folk can do wonders when we’re feeling blue, our dream as a community would be to support each other in achieving a satisfying daily life balance, full of adventure, so that we’re in better shape to face what life might throw at us.

We like to think of this as keeping the ‘joy pot’ full in order to counteract the stresses that life can bring. Pesky life.

We don’t claim to be experts or a substitute for the many fabulous forms of mental health support out there (many of which we’ll give a shout out to later on) but we’re big believers in the power of collective knowledge and experience...and we’ve got a lot to share!

Here are some ideas on how to keep that joy pot topped up and things to try should your stress pot start spilling over...


1. Getting through the ‘right now’ - things to help in those overwhelming moments

  • Activities to share hope and confirm you’re not alone - Read these stories of how others have overcome suicidal thoughts

  • Do things that mean something to you

  • Strategies (breathing exercises etc- links to headspace, meditation sites etc. )

  • Think helpful thoughts and knock unhelpful ones on the head

  • Read inspirational quotes (Yes Triber’s favourite quotes...)

  • Watch inspirational films,

  • Listen to podcasts, audio books and songs -

  • Mindfulness walks

2. Things to lift your mood and distract you

  • Connecting with others ( Examples of ways to connect with others- ? link to calendar of events)

  • Calming activities

  • Exercise and getting outdoors (?link to a blog about ways we can do this individually/at home or with a group > yestribe acitivity)

  • Ways to keep busy

  • Positive reminders - what do you love about life? (?Yes tribers videos)

3. Find people who can support you to fill your Joy pot

  • Long-term friends, you know, the ones who really get you

  • The YesTribe - so many people have come to YesTribe events alone and left with friends.

4. People who can support you in crisis - If you’re feeling like you’re in a really bad place and feel like you need someone to talk to then please consider exploring professional help. We’ve put some links below

The above ideas are based on the safety plan format that can be found at We encourage everyone to have a go at making their own ‘safety plan’

SayYesMore Playlists

Check out these collaborative YesTribe playlists on Spotify, always good for a listen whatever your mood. And even better, you can add your own faves to these. Go on, give it a go

share your happy thoughts

We're looking to collect some uplifting material to share with anyone who's going through a low, as we all do sometimes. This form can be anonymous if you’d prefer, we just really appreciate your ideas to enable us to share some joy for others.

Particularly books that make the link between nature and wellbeing
If you're happy for us to contact you, pop your name below
If you're happy for us to contact you, pop your name below
No pressure - we would only contact you about helping to develop your ideas into a reality

Coming soon…

StressPots Anonymous OR Joypot Cafe or StessPot Cafe? (DC: My only concern about stresspot is the alternative connotation - weed being a solution to stress!) Ultimately, which name will be most attractive and make folks more comfortable?

We’re really excited to introduce a regular YesTribe meet-up called The Joypot Cafe. A chance to get together with other folks who feel their Stresspots filling up, and could do with a chance to chat openly. Advice is only offered when asked for, and it should be stressed that this isn’t professional care.

A gathering for sharing experiences in a friendly atmosphere

  • Focus on how getting outside has helped you/if you are looking for help with this/just want to

    hang out..

  • Either attend or listen/watch via the live feed... (is live feed dangerous if we want to create a safe space?)

Actions for the Joypots team

Get some blogs and videos made to supplement the content on this page

Record a podcast all about Joypots and Stresspots - The Joypot Theory?

Create logo for Joypots!

Set date and venue for first cafe - plan would be to create personal safety plans.

Name *

Suggestions and changes by Kate Haas

1) Main Heading - maybe change the J to a caps as lower case j in this font doesn’t have a curly bottom! Not obvious what it says on first glance
2) Joy Pot, Joypot or JoyPot - think it can be any of these but should be consistent throughout. (DC thoughts: on it’s own, talking about a joy pot needs a space, but as a name for the initiative, The Joypots/ The Joypot Theory/ Joypot Cafe feel best to me, although I do like capitals mid word! JoyPot!
3) I think Joy Pot Theory works as sub heading
4) Do we need to have a stresspot? I’m not sure about it after the link to weed and think Joy Pot works on its own. Eg can reword 2nd paragraph under Joy Pot Theory to ‘in order to counteract the stresses that life can bring. Pesky life.’
5) under projects we could add ‘Mindfulness walks’ I’m sure there are one or two YesTribers that run these? Can’t recall names at the mo 
6) coming soon - I vote Joy Pot cafe. Not sure the live feed would be appropriate but maybe short video snippets from meet up that attendees are happy to share can be available to view. So people can get an idea of what to expect?
7) Actions- happy to write a blog or two and come up with ideas for logo (May need someone more creative to bring to life though!) I wouldn’t know where to start with making a podcast. Is there anyone else in the group other than Dave that knows how to do this? Perhaps we could make some videos at the YesBus on one of the upcoming tribe days? Have the kit there to do this and good setting! Send invite out asking people to contribute beforehand?