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Tim Frenneaux

Gather outdoors

Tim is a former martial arts instructor, nine to fiver and audio visual artist, turned ethical entrepreneur, micro adventurer, climate activist and punk philosopher.

His redemption started when the brief and fragile nature of existence became heart rending-ly real as he hit the big 40 in the same month that his Dad died. Unhappy conjunctures like that are a great way of forcing you to focus on what you want from “your one wild and precious life” (to quote the dear departed Mary Oliver)

Tim decided to return to the outdoor life that had brought him so much happiness growing up, and that the best way to make the difference he wanted to see in the world, was to start a business founded on social and environmental principles: Gather Outdoors.

Now he’s on a mission to encourage and enable folk to make the most of their fleeting presence on planet earth by spending more time outdoors. In doing so he hopes that great teacher, Mother Earth, will help them to reach their own understanding of the immense value of nature.