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Welcome to the YesBus. We're slowly ticking off all the tiny (and big) jobs before launching our opening public events in early May 2018.

We'll be hosting workshops and skill sessions, co-working days, retreats and outdoorsy weekends, as well as hiring out the bus to forward thinking companies who believe in using business and community to lead positive change.

If you'd like to enquire about using or hiring the YesBus please drop us a line via the form and be sure to sign up to the mailing list using the button below to get news of the next events.



I woke up looking at shelves of amazing adventure books to my left and the most amazing sunrise to the right....the YesBus was a fab place for the Adventure Book Club’s first adventure out of London - Clare


4/5 FEBRUary 2018

Another couple of key jobs complete. Our kitchen is now fully working with fridge, water and gas installed. And outside we've created a shed for our recycling system and log store. Of course, some fun is important so we got the table tennis table out for an evening session, too! Looking forward to some summer tournaments for the tribe!



26/27 January 2018

The Adventure Book Club grew out of the YesTribe in 2017 and they enjoyed an overnight annual party on the YesBus at the end of January, including dinner, campfire and an adventurous film upstairs.

24-26 January 2018

We've got one eye on starting a full programme on the bus in early Spring. Plenty to do before then, including installing the solar panels and making Bussy fully sun-powered, fitting the pipes so we've got running water in the kitchen, building up our wood supplies for the fire, enjoying some crisp winter sunsets and testing out the bus with small events, podcast recordings and campouts.

The bus was an amazing place to spend an evening. How can you not love a bus with a well-stocked adventure library, a lovely warm wood-fired heater and all surround by the beautiful Sussex countryside - Peter Brown


0012_YESBus_Upstairs_001 copy.jpg

Our surroundings have a resounding impact on our thoughts, confidence and imagination. We've created an upper deck co-working space with endless views of green hills, complete with all the tech you need to work seamlessly, meaning all you need to do is concentrate on creating the good stuff.

It only seemed right to install a cinema in the bus. Our big screen is the perfect setting for presentations, inspirational talks and film showings. With ear-massaging surround sound, a seated capacity of 30 on comfy low-level loungers, and a 2 metre screen, there's no choice other than to sit back and enjoy the show.

Get the full story via our crowdfunding film

Chris Barnes & Dave Cornthwaite introduce the YesBus

In June 2017 we launched a crowdfunding campaign to turn this dream into a reality. Over the first 6 weeks we raised £22,300, almost half of our £50,000 target, setting us en route to publicly launching the YesBus at Yestival in October 2017. We've kept the page open now more people are able to see and hear about the bus and what it's capable of, so if you're coming to this late and would like to support the project here are some ideas.


How you can help:

- Support the crowdfunding campaign, in return for perks that offer direct access to the YesBus

- Spread the word. The more people who hear about the bus, the sooner we can get people on board to make this world a better place. Just a little message on social media or an email to your friends, that would make our day.

- Hire the bus. Or tell someone you know that it's available for rent. The YesBus is perfect for a unique team building day, or a thank you to a group of hard working staff. Or maybe you need a cool space for a film premiere, product launch or workshop? 

Where does a project like this come from?

Have you ever had an idea that seems both obvious and other-worldly all at the same time? Like that time you walked up the stairs of a London bus and in a split second thought, 'Wow! It would be so cool to take all of these seats out and do something incredible with the space, like live in it, or create a cafe, or a cinema, or a co-working space?'

We had those ideas and decided to combine them all. And so it is, as the Summer of 2017 approaches, the YesBus is nearing the final stage of its journey from passenger carrying double decker to incubation chamber for magic. Ok, it's not really magic, but it's close.



We wanted to create a unique multi-use space on a former London bus, both to help nurture a community spirit amongst independent, creative humans and to provide a countryside escape which would fuse the calming power of nature with the need to keep on top of work.

We also want to open up accessibility to the countryside, especially for young city kids who have never walked in woodland or down a muddy country track.  

From a creative hub enabling a vibrant, progressive tribe of adventurers, to a meeting space and an outdoor playground, the YesBus is an example of exactly what we want to inspire - there's a beauty in bringing an audacious idea to reality.


The next phase of this bus' life is one that will bring people together. One that will incubate seeds of dreams and help shape them into reality. One that will offer a simple countryside refuge from the stresses and strains of city living. One that will make a difference.

And now we need your help, a little bit of love from that part of you that just loves it when a silly, audacious plan turns into something real that you can touch and see and experience. 

So watch this space, sign up to the YesBus newsletter to make sure you don't miss any news and get ready for a feast of different rewards that we'll be offering in return for your support. We'd love you to be part of the YesBus' journey.

Our Mission

We are SayYesMore, a social enterprise that nudges people towards finding out what they’re really capable of. Since our launch in June 2015 we’ve grown to over 4000, held two life-changing Yestivals, organised over 100 other events which have inspired, motivated and broken down limitations, and we’re only just getting started.

We are founded on the basic principles of opening doors, opportunities and friendships by saying yes, spending time with positive, supportive, like-minded people, and getting outside as often as we can.

Schools Initiative 

One of our aims through SayYesMore is to use any profit from paid events to trickle down to pay for cheaper or free events and programmes to benefit those who wouldn't usually attend. 

Once the YesBus is on site we plan on launch a Schools Initiative to especially work with inner city children who don't usually have the opportunity to visit the countryside. 

This will include workshops, programmes and educational visits. We're currently seeking a sponsor to launch this programme. See the attached document for full information.

The YesBus is the result of all of our philosophies rolled into one, and we’re building it for anyone who ever wanted to make more of their time and have a positive impact.

Why we’re crowdfunding

Since buying the bus in Spring 2016 we’ve been laying the groundwork, flattening out floors, running wires, insulating walls and designing every little detail with the finished product in mind. We’ve also sourced a wonderful land partner at Brinsbury campus so the YesBus has a home for the next few years.

We decided to launch the crowdfunding campaign a year into the conversion, to display our intention and make the vision clearer, with all perks offering access to the bus.

How much does this cost?

This project has lasted since May 2016 and naturally ideas, prices and budget changes over time. We've kept a daily eye on the likely costs of the bus conversion and the final figure becomes clearer as we move towards the finish line, of course.

As of 1st July 2017, here's our full pricing, one we'll try to lower with sponsorship and savings so we can focus our intentions on the projects within the bus, rather than chasing funding (which is the boring part!).

What is the YesBus?

The YesBus is an incubation chamber for magic. A multifunctional structure with an off-grid power system based in the countryside with unhindered views. 

Designed for meetings, lectures, meals, gatherings, celebrations and lessons the YesBus is a co-working hub, yoga studio, cinema, speaking venue, kitchen, cafe, library, a space for learning and sharing.

We plan to have a camping ground, a firepit, compost toilets (with a view!) and a permaculture garden. We’re creating the perfect space which is just at home introducing inner-city school kids to the countryside as it is as a base for start-up founders. 

The YesBus will be a modern tech hub with high speed wi-fi and projector systems with bluetooth surround sound, but sometimes we’ll switch off and turn it into a digital detox hub, just the ticket for a weekend of quiet relaxation away from the busyness and stress of the city.

And what’s more, the YesBus will be work on a self-sustaining off-grid power source, using solar and wind to charge the batteries which in turn will power our lights, sockets, ideas and intuition.

We'd like the bus to be an example of what you can achieve with space-saving furniture in a relatively small space, and every bit of the bus will at least two purposes. 

We believe in the power of taking a familiar idea and turning it into something new. An out-of-the-box decision - like buying a bus and turning it into a community hub - is inspiring in itself, and spending time inside a unique, creative space helps us come up with innovative, exciting ideas. The YesBus is an example of exactly why it exists - there's a beauty in bringing an audacious idea to reality.

Join the YesBus Team

We are expanding the team to manage the launch of the bus in October 2017. 

We are looking for people with time and passion for the YesBus and SayYesMore to help us with marketing and PR to push out the crowdfunding campaign around the world.

We need help with networking - introduce us to your networks and help us grow the community. Help us to find corporate and institutional funders for this incredible project and you could even help with influencer marketing.

All roles start immediately so apply now if you're interested.

Mid May 2016: Dave, Chris, Tam and Rima consider the possibility of buying a bus for the YesTribe. Guess what happened next?!


If you have any questions about the bus drop us a line at and we'll get right back to you

Who can use the bus? Anyone! We have regular co-working days when people can come and work on their own projects, more curated days with workshops and skill sessions, and the YesBus is also available for private hire.

Can international visitors use their non-UK plug sockets on the bus? In most cases a simple universal adaptor will suffice.

The Conversion

After buying our bus in mid May a willing team of volunteers led by Chris Barnes has been undertaking the first stage of renovation. The bus has been stripped of all fittings, seats and innards that won't be needed in its new life.

The walls have been insulated while air vents, wood-burning stove and roof hatch have been installed, and power and water systems are being lined up for early 2017. 

The bus is on a hard standing in a boat yard near the Thames in West London, and we're working on an agreement with a landowner for the bus' brand new home out in the countryside.  

She (or he?) used to be in service in London, and was then living in the Isle of Wight for three years - the downstairs was converted into a bike storage space and the outside of the bus was wrapped in a very cool dinosaur design. 

Since the YesTribe kicked into gear our founder Dave has been sharing a dream to buy a double decker bus and turn it into an amazing live/work/creative space, an HQ designed to be occasionally mobile and often hiding in some beautiful area of nature.

The YesBus will be fitted out professionally with hammock hooks, desk space for up to ten people co-working, areas for relaxation, creativity, meetings, racks for adventure and outdoor gear, kitchen and eating space, bean bag corner, library, rooftop garden,  climbing wall and cinema screen on the outside, and more. We'd like the bus to be an example of what you can achieve with space-saving furniture in a relatively small space with everything on the bus having at least two purposes. 

We have a vision of having a small campground nearby, a garden to grow food and teach the art of permaculture, outdoor shower, compost toilets, solar and wind power and so much more.

Whether you want to write a book, escape the pressures of city living, learn skills, socialise with other members of the YesTribe, watch a film beamed onto the side of the bus, or even hire the space for a business meeting in a unique setting, the YesBus will be the perfect countryside retreat offering everything that the SayYesMore philosophy deems crucial.

This will be a bus of dreams, a place to uniquely connect to the outdoors and our own individual senses of adventure. A place where ideas will be seeded and grown into wonderful little projects that will change the world. 

Our Countryside Home

We started by looking for a countryside location accessible to London with a very real sensation of nature. A place where members of the YesTribe can visit and camp nearby. Woodland or a patch of grass on a farm where the landowners appreciate what we're trying to do and could use a spot of income or even better, some willing, working hands to help manage the area.

And then Brinsbury put their hand up. After a really successful Yestival at Brinsbury campus in Chichester we've agreed that the YesBus will move to Brinsbury in the Summer of 2017. It's a gorgeous natural setting and we couldn't be more excited.

We do have plenty to do to prepare the YesBus plot and as always we're reaching out to you to lend a hand. Get in touch if you'd like to help.

Lessons from the YesBus

1) If you want a simple life, don't go camping with Dave

2) If you're going to buy two very similar-looking buses, go for the one that has dinosaurs on. It's a no brainer

How you can help

1) Share and donate to the crowdfunding campaign. 


2) Supporters & Partners

We'd like to work with a variety of partners who offer products that align with the SayYesMore philosophy. Sustainable power sources, adventure and outdoor brands, graphics companies, space-saving furniture designers and anyone with experience in conversions, tiny homes and creating awesome spaces.

And of course, as soon as we're set up in Brinsbury campus please come and see us!



what you'd use the YesBus for if you had the chance?