Join SayYesMore for an ongoing social adventure designed to clean-up Britain’s waters and leave a lasting legacy, picking up one million pieces of trash throughout the year along the way.

Primarily, we will organise 10 main one-day events across the country, bringing people together in the outdoors for a good cause. Throughout the year we will take on urban and countryide rivers and canals, as well as lakes and coastlines which are in need of support.

Working with local partners and media along with a backbone of support from the YesTribe community, the stories and successes from our main events will be translated into an ongoing ‘Legacy Pack’ designed to aid what we like to call our ripple effect. A simple, beautiful online portal which enable and empower individuals and other groups to protect their own waters, not just in the UK but around the world.

You can only care about something if you experience it and our family-friendly events will be open to people of all ages, and will often include talks and workshops with schools to ensure the positive mindset and action continues into future generations, and beyond 2017.


We're currently building our community of partners and sourcing the remaining funds to officially launch the Ripple Effect in April 2017.

If you'd like to support the project, please get in touch via the contact page.


Each event will be a fun-filled affair, riddled with good personality and a positive social atmosphere. SayYesMore specialises in organising gatherings, events and festivals which allow people to be their fullest selves, and we know that giving back and having a positive social and environmental impact is a great catalyst for lasting friendships and care for our planet.

Each event will be in a different location once we’ve identified twelve areas of waterway, lake or coastline in the UK that fit our criteria. Working with local partner we will invite members of the public (limited numbers relevant to the situation of each event) as well as a core team from SayYesMore, local school and scout groups and the media to join the festivities.

There is potential in some area for local businesses to provide staff as part of corporate responsibility programmes. 

A morning introduction and health and safety briefing will lead into the day’s activities, with volunteers split into teams on land and water, collecting, counting, separating and correctly disposing of all trash collected. 

Free mid morning and afternoon coffee/ tea breaks will keep energy levels up, as will a free lunch for all volunteers. 

All trash collected will be logged into an automated system, accounted for on our website and then disposed of either to recyclers/ up cyclers, or following local government regulations.



We will work closely with existing partners including the National Trust, Ordnance Survey and Canal and River Trust to locate areas in need of clean-up and sustainable local education on this matter.

Where relevant we will partner with local canoe, kayak and water-borne organisations to enable extra craft and safety equipment, as well as local knowledge to maximise our event impact.

Whether it's organisations or individuals, our aim is to reduce the trash flowing down our rivers and into our oceans, where it causes damage to the environment, wildlife and eventually re-enters our food system.



We know the power of good storytelling to engage audiences, and can’t wait to capture pictures, film and interviews at every Ripple Effect event to use as (the best kind of) bait to entice volunteers to future days out. 

Our Ripple Effect website will look the part and share both stories and inspiration to get out there and look after your local area. In addition an ongoing Trashometer and stats measuring our progress throughout 2017 will be available to encourage others to help the collection, and of course our legacy pack and all details needed for upcoming events and outreach pick-ups will be a steadily growing resource throughout 2017.



Our plan is to create a lasting impact using the information, lessons and stories picked up throughout 2017.

We will also translate the 12 main events into easily replicated individual or small group pick-ups throughout 2017.

Many people will hear about The Ripple Effect with KEEN, but not be able to attend events. 

We will create an online & downloadable guide containing everything needed for independents groups or local parties to safely adopt a new waterway or area of water and continue to keep it clean. Our ‘Legacy Pack’ will include kit list, health and safety briefing, introductory films and guides to conducting the perfect litter pick. All litter from outreach projects will also be able to be logged through the project website, enabling the community to widen and even those unable to attend events to feel very much a part of the movement.

Isn’t this just the perfect definition of the Ripple Effect?




1) To hold 10 successful, fun-filled outdoor community clean-up events in 2017

2) As a project, to pick up at least one million pieces of trash from Britain’s rivers, canals, lakes and coastlines

3) To create a lasting educational legacy spreading awareness of how to correctly dispose of harmful waste and to conduct effective clean-ups, enabling communities to continue looking after their local waterways.

4) And of course, getting people outside more doing good things. Win, win, win.


Since SayYesMore Founder Dave Cornthwaite invited strangers from his Facebook page camping in June 2015 over three thousand people have joined the YesTribe, a vibrant community dedicated to adventure and positive social and environmental impact.

At the heart of SayYesMore’s philosophy is the power of spending time with good people in the outdoors, and when this is combined with a purpose amazing things have and continue to happen.

We have already organised several waterway clean-ups in 2015 and 2016 so have a head start in organisation, and an extensive list of Tribe members who are certified paddling instructors and ideal project leaders.

We come with plenty of cameramen and women in our organisation which keeps the cost of producing event films down, but quality high.

We bring a powerful, engaged community with the best of intentions, as well as a wide social media reach and a habit of producing incredible projects that have a lasting impact.