This is where we answer your questions about Yestival. Please do read through this page before emailing us, we've created this page to be the one-stop-shop to all Yestival knowledge! 


What time does Yestival 2016 start?

The gates open at 15:00 Friday 20th October. Dinner will be served from 18:30 with the evenings entertainment beginning at 19:45 allowing time for people to arrive after a Friday workday.


How do I get there?

We made a whole page for you, here it is!


What is Yestival?

Yestival is the brainchild of adventurer and author Dave Cornthwaite, whose SayYesMore project has seen the sprouting of countless adventures, projects and businesses globally in the past few years.

Directly linked with a growing YesTribe community in London and the UK, Yestival is a chance to create ideas for a better future, both personally for everyone attending and for society as a whole. Ultimately, a group of positive people in a natural setting away from the pressures of urban life is a hugely powerful thing. From speakers to chats around the campfire, it's going to be an amazing weekend and we hope you can join us.


Who is Yestival for?

Everyone and anyone who has reached the conclusion that life is better when we do new things and choose the positive approach. Although we're drawing on an incredible community of inspiring, active people based in London, we expect a few people to fly, cycle or skate in from further afield. 




It would be easy to compare a Glastonbury ticket to Yestival and wonder why the two are similarly priced, but hear us out. This is a small festival by comparison so we're starting from nearly zero in terms of infrastructure, and we also don't have a huge audience to spread the cost between. 

That said, we have lots of speakers and acts at Yestival, all who are each worth at least £10 to hear speak. Here you have them for a whole weekend. We truly believe that we're offering a really good value ticket, including six meals across the weekend, a beautifully created space where you can meet new, like-minded people and conjure up plans and challenges to change your life. That's priceless!

We also have pairs and discounted kids tickets to offer a cheaper, discounted ticket if you buy with friends and family.

Get your tickets now!


Start/ End Times

The festival gates open at 15:00 on Friday 20th October in case you want to set up early.  Entertainment starts at 19:45 Friday with adventurous lectures and then an epic camp fire, and we've planned the main festival activities to be on Saturday and Sunday to ensure anyone working on Friday doesn't miss out.

Yestival finishes at 3pm on Sunday 22nd October.


Are there showers?

No, but here will be clean running water for those who feel the need to wash on a daily basis and stave off the onset of a communal campsite pong.



A host of inspiring, successful and positive people. Yestival's ethos is to encourage the best use of time throughout our lives and our line-up represents this.

From sessions to learn and share new skills, listening to tales from incredible adventures, and workshops galore about a wide range of subjects, it's rare to have this many incredible people in one place.


What does the ticket price include? 

The tickets are all-inclusive. All camping (not glamping), food and entry to all talks and entertainment is included. 


How does a Day Ticket work?

Saturday day tickets last from 06:00 Saturday to midnight Saturday and includes access to all talks, workshops, activities and three meals.

Sunday day tickets begin at 06:00 Sunday, and includes access to all talks, workshops, activities and two meals until the festival closes at 15:00



Absolutely! We're not hiding away behind bricks and mortar, this is a great chance to bond with new and old friends, enjoy the crisp autumn beside a campfire, and tuck into a WARM sleeping bag at night after a long but unforgettable day.



Can we bring a caravan or motorhome?

Yes you can and for no extra cost. We set aside a specific area of our camping field just for you*  We do not have the facility to dispose of grey waste water, have no elsan tip facility and can't provide any power so make sure you're set up to be fully self sufficient.

*Weather depending. In the event of adverse weather it will still be possible to bring your van but it will need to remain in the main carpark a short 3 minute walk from the festival village.


What do I need to bring?

This is up to you, but we recommend a sleeping mat, good WARM sleeping bag, tent (more than one person in a tent will be nice and cosy so try and find a friend!), torch, warm layers, footwear suitable for a potentially muddy field, waterproofs in case of rain.

We'd also love to create a very homely feel in the speaking tents, including the big marquee. So if you're able bring a cushion to sit on, blankets, even duvets, these will also give you extra layers to keep warm on cold nights! Pack those layers!!!

The walk between car parking and camping site is around half a kilometre so we recommend bringing everything in a bag(s) that are easy to carry.


What NOT to bring?

All food is included in the price of your ticket and we'll have ample tea and coffee for sale al day long (we've learnt our lessons from last year and promise shorter queues!) Subsequently please leave your stoves and gas canisters behind, after all, food always tastes better when shared with others.

We will have a well stocked bar severed at very reasonable prices, (we're not in London so won't be charging crazy money for a nice cold beer or warming mulled wine.) No alcohol is allowed to be brought on to site by guests. Any that is found will be confiscated and returned once the festival is over.



Your ticket includes food throughout the festival, from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch. Day tickets include three meals. Vegetarians will be catered for, even when meat is available (which won't be every meal).



Portaloos will be provided.


Are children allowed?

They are, and we're offering family prices for smaller children. We even have a family designed area of Yestival for families and kids - called DreamCamp! We'll be putting on some bushcraft, talks and other sessions for children too, to ensure every face at Yestival is smiling!

While our primary aim to create a really ambient atmosphere for both speakers and audiences and for all adults to be able to engage fully with the Yestival sessions, meaning we want to avoid upset, irritable or loud children in the speaking areas, we want to be adventure family conscious.

Children are not an excuse to stop living, they're the opposite. Last year the kids made the festival, and we'll have so many awesome families at Yestival 2017 that if you're wondering whether to bring your kids, we'd like to encourage you to do so.

The responsibility for looking after and entertaining children, and ensuring the rest of the Yestival audience aren’t impacted negatively, is the responsibility of parents.


Are PETs Allowed?

We're afraid that our contract with Brinsbury Campus doesn't allow dogs or other pets on site. We're really sorry about this but it was a stipulation of our agreement because of nearby livestock. 


I can longer attend. Is it possible to refund my ticket?

We cannot issue immediate refunds within four weeks of Yestival, as we'll base our plans on the amount of tickets sold by that point. However, if we sell out we will happily offer refunds to those who couldn't make it once the festival has concluded. We just hope you can make it!


Is it possible to transfer my ticket to someone else?

Tickets are only valid for the individual (or group) who purchased the ticket. Tickets are non transferable.



Here at Say Yes More we prefer slow travel but if you do need to come by car then there will be parking for up to 150 cars.

If you are driving please use Facebook Event page to see if you can offer a lift and fill your car to the capacity.



In the spirit of SayYesMore we love all modes of alternative non motorised travel. So if you are up for the adventure arrive at the festival in an imaginative way.

If you're riding a bike, skateboarding, paragliding or pogo sticking to the event do let us know!



Q: What is DreamCamp?

A: DreamCamp is a magical corner of Yestival for youngsters to come and explore their dreams. It's their space to talk about their ideas, ask silly questions, make amazing things with awesome new friends, and try out stuff. There will be epic mini adventures, games, bushcraft & fires, making, laughing and of course a camp tuck shop. 

The aim of DreamCamp is for your kids to come away with a big dream that they're excited about and inspired to make it happen.

We'll be running a series of sessions on and off throughout the weekend from the DreamCamp tent and thoughout the camp. Kids are still able to attend other Yestival sessions and adults are more than welcome to join our kids sessions, in fact we may be inviting you to some...

Kids will get the chance to meet some real life superheros (/ adventurers) who have made their dreams happen, and show them how they can too. 


Q. What age should me child be to join in with DreamCamp

A. We think that kids aged between 7 and 13 will get the most out of the sessions. However, with your support younger children may also join in. You're welcome to bring younger kids to play in the craft and games area at any time.


Q: Will my child be looked after at DreamCamp all day?

A: No. We will be running scheduled DreamCamp activities / workshops (1 on Friday afternoon, 4 on Saturday, 1 on Sunday) during which your child will be supervised at all times by our team. Outside of those times kids are welcome to use the DreamCamp tents where there will be a variety of crafts and games available to them. They remain your responsibility outside of the scheduled activities. All mealtimes will be together.


Q: Will my child get grubby?

A: We hope so! There will be a mix of activities both in the DreamCamp tent and around the camp / in the woods so please be prepared that clothes will probably get grubby!

N.B We will also running some night-time activities so having their own head-torch would be a real bonus.


Q: Will they need pocket money?

A: Not for any DreamCamp activities. We will be rewarding the kids for being brave (asking questions) and completing the sessions, with 'DreamBeans' that they can exchange for small amounts of sweets at no cost.


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