what to bring to yestival

remember to bring £5 deposit for your new mug.png


If you don't have all of the gear below feel free to ask the tribe via the Yestival 2018 Event page. And if you're going to buy some stuff, make sure it's good! It'll serve you better, last longer and mean less energy is used compared to creating the sub-standard stuff... (now, did anyone see our soapbox? :))

To enable our Plastic Clever Policy everyone will need a £5 deposit for their Yestival mug - this can either be returned to you at the end of the weekend if you don't want to keep your mug, or you can keep your new super cool camping mug and even buy more to match!

Here's our recommended pack list:

  • WARM 3 or 4 season sleeping bag, the warmer the better
  • A tent (if you have space in yours and are happy to share, why not post something on the Facebook page for those who don't have a tent)
  • Sleeping mat (the thicker it is the more insulation you have)
  • WARM clothing, several layers
  • A cool (but warm) hat
  • Gloves!
  • Wellies! Don't turn up in high heels, flip flops or trainers. (WARM socks for your toes :))
  • Head torch
  • Power pack (we're trying to keep Yestival screen-free so there is no charging stations)
  • Notepad and pen
  • If you're keen to join yoga in the morning, bring a yoga mat
  • If you're a Project Awesome type of early riser, bring sports gear!
  • Did we say to PACK WARM?
  • If you're coming alone don't worry, there will be a field full of people to hug :)
  • A book to add to our adventure book swap


Bring cash! There are no ATMs on site, and we can't always accept card payments.

The company who is supplying our silent disco gear requires a £30 deposit per headset before each session. This deposit will be returned to you immediately after the silent disco each morning assuming you don't headbang the set into oblivion :)

Although all food is covered in the ticket price we have a cafe with hot drinks and snacks, a merchandise tent with all kinds of SayYesMore and Yestival clothing (including WARM hoodies), and many of our speakers will be bringing books and DVDs to sell. Plus don't forget you will need cash for our awesome new bar! You don't want to be without the legendary hot spiced apple cider and mulled wine!


BBQs, Stoves, Grumpiness, Cutlery, Fireworks, Plastic Bags (yuk!), Drugs, Donald Trump or Alcohol.