Camping in nature with good people to plant trees where they’re needed

The YesTribe was founded after a one-night camping adventure and to celebrate our fourth birthday we’re running a campaign called Wake Up Wild between May and September 2019. We reckon a night under the stars is pretty good for the soul, so we’d like to invite you to join the fun.

We’re aiming to encourage 2019 people to spend a night under the stars with a group of like minded people, and whether you’re a regular camper or not, we’ll do what we can to make the experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Unless there’s a specific charge for a campsite, we don’t charge anything for a Wake Up Wild camp. But we are aiming to raise £6000 for Tree Aid along the way and would really appreciate it if you could donate a couple of quid toward the target.

Everyone who donates will receive a handy email with camping tips, a kit list and discount codes from outdoor brands, immediately saving you at least the money you donated when you buy a new bit of gear.

We’ll be hosting wild camps all over the country for the rest of the year, so jump on the Wake Up Wild Facebook page, check out the nearest camp to you, and we’ll see you in the Great Outdoors!


How it works

1) You see this website, think “this is exactly what I need” or “oooh I’d like to do this”

2) Sign up to the newsletter below and join the Wake Up Wild Facebook page, to make sure you don’t miss out on any upcoming camps.

3) If you can, please make a donation to Tree Aid on our Wake Up Wild fundraising page. Every little counts and everything donated before the end of June will be doubled by the government, meaning even more trees! We’ll send everyone who donates some discounts codes for cheaper camping gear.

4) Go camping! We’ll send you a recommend wild camping kit list and your camp leader will be on hand before and during the event to help things go smoothly.

We’ve compiled a list of FAQs to help answer any questions you might have, and always welcome new questions. Please do let us know if you’d like to know more!

And if you’d like to host a campout or have a big garden, field or woodland where you could happily allow a few campers, then let us know!

Proudly supporting TREE AID DONATE HERE

We’re really proud to be supporting TREE AID through Wake Up Wild. TREE AID helps people in the drylands of Africa to lift themselves out of poverty and protect their environment. They also have a small project in the UK, which we hope to work together on in the coming months and years.

You can help TREE AID support women in Mali to grow themselves and their families out of poverty using the power of trees and enterprise. When you sign up for Wake Up Wild, donate to TREE AID’s She Grows appeal before 30th June 2019 and your gift will be doubled by the UK government.

This match funding from the UK government will be used to help 1,000 women in Mali to grow their way out of poverty using the power of trees. Your donation will fund similar work helping communities across the drylands of Africa.

Between 2018 and 2019 TREE AID have planted over 2 million trees and are contributing to the Great Green Wall initiative, surrounding the Sahara desert in greenery.

TREE AID is a registered charity, no. 1135156.


I have a campsite you can use!

If you have a campsite or woodland that you’d like to make available for a Wake Up Wild camp please do let us know by emailing with a description and location of your site. Thank you!

I’d like to lead a campout!

Well, that makes you more than cool! Please email and we’ll get right back to you to chat about the options. Thanks so much you awesome human!

Reading List

Here are other interesting articles, projects and films that do a great job of explaining why connecting with nature is so important for humans: