Yippedydip the longest day!! Let's celebrate campout style! 

Location: Hadleigh Castle, Leigh-on-Sea

Wake up bright and breezy ready to whizz back to London in time for work... easy peasy :)

Grab some food/drink to bring with you, though please remember minimal (or even better no...) single use plastics.

Recommended kit list below.

NO tents, please - we want to stay low level!

Recommended Packlist (playing this on the cautious side and this list is for a full weekend, so pick and choose what you think you need for a night under the stars)

Highly Recommended
* Backpack. No larger than 40 litres. Ensure it fits!
* Waterproof stuff sack or two to ensure things inside backpack remain dry in case of rain. Especially important if backpack doesn’t have a waterproof cover.
* Shelter: Either a hammock (with rainfly) or bivvy bag (Bivvy is a waterproof cover for your sleeping bag - it’s the lightest, most low-profile form of wild camping). Your choice if you'd like to bring a tarp, too, if rain is threatening it's nice to have some cover.
* Sleeping bag: At least three season for British spring. Don’t underestimate the importance of your sleeping bag.
* Sleeping pad/ mattress: This provides extra comfort and insulation
* Walking boots/ shoes
- Padded walking socks
- Breathable waterproof jacket.
- Waterproof trousers, if rain is forecast
- Lightweight, active clothing to hike in. Base layer, top layer (could be waterproof jacket), lightweight trousers
* Change of clothes, including warm, thermal layers. During less-active camp time you will need dry, warm insulating clothes such as woolen tights and undershirts, dry socks, a light down jacket or a woolen jacket/pullover and warm trousers. Don’t forget a warm hat and light but warm gloves if temperature forecast for less than 18 degrees
* Basic first aid kit (campout leader will carry one of these)
* Re-usable water bottle. Minimum one. Ideally two.
* Headlamp
* Towel.
* Toiletries.

Pack light. You can pack in case of all conditions but a too-heavy pack will decrease your enjoyment of the trip. Main priority is to ensure you stay dry and warm in case of poor weather.