So it started as a training walk for YesTribe Goes To Jordan... again! but it turned into an excuse to get out there and explore the capital city together - join us as we complete our year-long journey of The Capital Ring Walk.

This is a circular Walk London route and consists of 15 sections between Woolwich and Becton District Park. The Capital Ring Walk is divided into 15, easy-to-walk sections, it covers 78 miles (126KM) of open space, nature reserves, Sites of Specific Scientific Interest and loads more.

You don't have to be signed up for YesTribe Goes To Jordan... again! to join in for the walks, everyone is welcome to take a stroll with us :) 

Stage 12 starts at Priory Gardens, near Highgate Station and ends just 5 miles later at Stoke Newington Station:

Stage 13 continues from Stoke Newington, to Hackney Wick, a further 4 miles away:

Watch this space for news of a potential campout as this is the final weekend of walking. 

The final sections will be completed the following day - here are the details:

We'll be outside, whatever the weather, so bring your smiles, your potential waterproofs and we'll see you there!