On the weekend of 22-24 June 2018, the inaugural Top of the Gorge festival will take place on a spectacular site overlooking Cheddar Gorge and members of the YesTribe get 10% discount on all tickets. 

Welcoming campers and day visitors alike, this event is a carnival of outdoor adventure, entertainment, inspiration and fantastic local food and drink.
The pop-up campsite looks right through the jaws of the gorge towards the Somerset coast, and activities include trail running, mountain biking, climbing, caving, walking, archery, food foraging, campfire cooking, star gazing and much more. 
There will be live music across the three days. Bands range from local folk duo the Drystones to Bristol-based ska/funk 7-piece Crinkle Cuts. Speakers include Dave Cornthwaite and Anna McNuff.

Get 10% off your ticket (weekend or day ticket, running, biking of just camping!) using the discount code: TOTGYES