• CM21 0RL

Join us for a special riverside YesTribe campout 45 minutes from London, on the first night of the Waterbike Collective. Cheer in our first rider when they arrive at Redricks Lake on the evening of 28th April and enjoy a lovely little campout with new friends by the River Stort. You can even try out the waterbike if you like!

Check the Facebook event page for the latest updates. 

£5 per person camping fee.
Nearby cafe.
Nearest train station: Harlow Mill (direct 45 minute train from London Liverpool St - tickets roughly £14.

Grab some food/drink to bring with you, try not to bring any plastic packaging please!

Recommended Packlist (playing this on the cautious side and this list is for a full weekend, so pick and choose what you think you need for a night under the stars)

Highly Recommended
* Backpack. No larger than 40 litres. Ensure it fits!
* Waterproof stuff sack or two to ensure things inside backpack remain dry in case of rain. Especially important if backpack doesn’t have a waterproof cover.
* Shelter: Bivvy bag (Bivvy is a waterproof cover for your sleeping bag - it’s the lightest, most low-profile form of wild camping) or a low level tent. Your choice if you'd like to bring a tarp, too, if rain is threatening it's nice to have some cover.
* Sleeping bag: At least three season for British spring. Don’t underestimate the importance of your sleeping bag.
* Sleeping pad/ mattress: This provides extra comfort and insulation
* Walking boots/ shoes
- Padded walking socks
- Breathable waterproof jacket.
- Waterproof trousers, if rain is forecast
- Lightweight, active clothing to hike in. Base layer, top layer (could be waterproof jacket), lightweight trousers
* Change of clothes, including warm, thermal layers. During less-active camp time you will need dry, warm insulating clothes such as woolen tights and undershirts, dry socks, a light down jacket or a woolen jacket/pullover and warm trousers. Don’t forget a warm hat and light but warm gloves if temperature forecast for less than 18 degrees
* Basic first aid kit (campout leader will carry one of these)
* Re-usable water bottle. Minimum one. Ideally two.
* Headlamp
* Towel.
* Toiletries.

Pack light. You can pack in case of all conditions but a too-heavy pack will decrease your enjoyment of the trip. Main priority is to ensure you stay dry and warm in case of poor weather.