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Join Way of Nature’s Andres Roberts and SayYesMore Founder Dave Cornthwaite for a week of adventure, wonder and possibility in Iceland.  

Winter is traditionally a time for wisdom: for stopping and taking stock, for getting ready for the light to come back. This week is going to take winter as an opportunity to stoke up the fire of life. 

It will be a journey into the mastery of creating and making opportunities, exploring balance, purpose, perspective, and an attitude that will propel you into an even more impactful, mindful life.

This trip really will be unique. Building on the wonder of Iceland, a sensational location looking out to sea, and the Northern Lights, here Dave and Andres have planned a programme of walks, talks, and fireside conversations all about the power of possibility. It will be a journey through which to really explore what dreams, adventures, thresholds and more are all about - and to inspire each other to make amazing things possible in life. We think it will be truly unforgettable.

Find out more and book your place before it's too late on www.davecorn.com/winterquest