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SayYesMore are extremely excited to be teaming up with The Uganda International Marathon to host December's edition of YesStories: A Night of Inspiration - our monthly event designed to inspire the Tribe to action with tales of success, adventure, charity and daring to dream and overcome adversity.

This month is going to be a biggy! Held in the amazing Escape School, from Escape the City, we've got some awesome speakers who are going to challenge, inspire at talk to you about how you can make the world a better place!

The Uganda International Marathon is a 7-day adventure in rural Uganda. Last year loads of the Yes Tribe came and took part, helping to raise over £192,000 for projects in the Masaka District as well as having life changing experiences and getting to know the local projects that they supported.

Ticket prices are £5 + fee, 50% of the proceeds from the night are going to go to Youth with a Vision, a project supported by the marathon that helps young people in Uganda get off the streets and start a journey of entrepreneurship. It's an amazing cause and for every £250 that we raise, we'll be able to put one person through the entire program.

Come and be inspired, learn about The Uganda Marathon and meet people who have taken part, make an impact on a community in rural Uganda.

Can't wait to see you there!

The SYM & UGM team.