what is a tribe day?

Come and enjoy the YesBus site in your own way, whether it's work, rest & play.

Fill in the form below to book your place - limited places available, so get in fast and wait for confirmation email from The YesBus team.

Choose to chill in a hammock with a book, hang out with friends, work on the bus complete with wifi and solar power or catch some zzz in the sun. The space is yours to enjoy however you choose.

Camping is also open to all so dig out that tent!

Wait, it’s free?!

Funds are a massive barrier for a lot of people, getting in the way of them spending time in nature, soaking up that much needed headspace and getting away from the city. 

So, we are opening the doors of the YesBus, removing that barrier to make all Tribe Days FREE for everyone this summer. 

Great right? Now even more people can access the YesBus to work, rest or play to their hearts content and everybody can benefit from our countryside escape powered by positivity.



Donations welcome

There are still of course running costs to keeping The YesBus alive. So we call upon the kindness of strangers who become friends down at the bus to donate on the day if they are able and if they had a wonderful time.

These donations will go towards everyday running costs like topping up the free tea and coffee, keeping the meadow happy and full of wildflowers, covering travel expenses for volunteers to host Tribe Days, maintenance on Bussy and keeping the loo a happy place to visit!

If you’re able to donate £20, it’ll make the world of difference to the project. If you can only manage £5 or £10, we really appreciate it.

If you’d rather not donate this time, that’s totally cool too - we will just be happy to see you at The YesBus.

Keep the wheels on the bus going round:

To donate before or after your visit please click here.

The basics

Tribe days run from 9am to 5pm on Saturdays and if you are camping, it rolls on until 9:30am the following morning. Timings on Sunday are 9am to 4pm with no camping unless it’s a Bank Holiday.

If your name’s not down - you ain’t coming in! Please book using the form below and await a confirmation.

Families are definitely welcome on site. Please be mindful of noise if other Tribe members are trying to achieve some zen time! Also, please watch over little people at all times, especially around the campfire.

Dogs are generally not encouraged as there is a strict ‘Leads On’ policy within the grounds and pups are not allowed on the YesBus itself.

We have a fully functional kitchen on the bus, or you’re welcome to bring your own stove to be used on the hard standing at the firepit. Please bring your own food and drink with you, we don’t have any for sale


We operate a peaceful site with a natural setting at the heart of all activities, promoting healthy mental wellbeing as a priority

Leave no trace - please take your rubbish home with you and remain #PlasticClever.

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