Meet the Crew

Team Yes is an eclectic crew of volunteers who didn't know each other before the YesTribe began. The make-up of the team is ever changing, mainly because the wanderlust whizzing around the community ensures that everyone is planning their next adventure.

We're now building a stronger team for the future and are looking for sparky, creative and industrious yes people who believe that life should be lived to the fullest and are willing to help others as much as themselves.


The Cogs

SYM Team Co-ordinator

Community Manager

General admin

Venue research

Grants research and distribution



Campout Leaders

YesStories: Hosts, Admin, Powerpoint creation

Breakfast Club

Dating find someone extraordinary

New events

Overseas trips

Yestival: Everyone on the team will lend a hand




Event hosts

Partners & facilitators

Solar & Power


Kindness Team: creating engagement projects for the tribe to spread kindness - Em Karembo


Creative Team: a brain trust to turn idea seeds into reality


Social & Online

Website development and copy





Tribe Stories

Q&As section

Tribe Challenges: keeping the community motivated & active

Prioritising SEO and online audience growth


Community Development/ Tribe Liaison

Moderating social media channels

Helping central and regional tribes develop

Actively encouraging global tribe growth 





New creation

Promotion online



Sourcing prizes & partners

Creative comp ideas

Artwork design

Promote ongoing photo comps - #yesontour


Accountacy/ Magic Bean Cruncher


Adventure Liason

Bring in stories from Tribers on the road

Make sure they have SYM gear

Engage them with social and tribe stories


The Tomorrow People

Developing family adventures and groups

We're the next generation of parents


Develop youth programmes for bus


Mental Health

This is at the heart of SYM. Ensuring the community is there not just to share successes, but to lift each other when we're struggling

Anti stress meet-ups

Combatting anxiety

Online content to share tips and tools, excite & motivated




Charitable & Environmental projects

Using the power of many for good

Teddington Trust

#plasticclever - clean up + creative - clean up and create


Dave Profile.jpg


When he's not off around the world travelling thousands of miles without a motor, he's either off around the world talking about travelling thousands of miles without a motor or he's living happily with fiancé Emms on their boat in London, eating Nutella and making sure the YesTribe doesn't actually turn into a cult. His favourite games are telling Chris that he's bought another bus to convert, and organising events with no budget or health and safety plan, in order to give Andy a heart attack.

Andy Profile.jpg


Andy's first contact with the YesTribe was at the second ever campout in June 2015. Since then he's split his time between taking on adventures big and small - including paddleboarding the length of the Danube, browsing fire extinguishers on Google Images and giving SayYesMore the semblance of a proper organisation. When given a time warning during his talk at Yestival he famously responded, "I've just been told I've got two minutes. That's so not going to happen, I've waited three years for this stage!" 


Chris Profile.jpg


When Chris cycled from his work as an engineer at Heathrow to a YesTribe campout in August 2015, he had no idea what was coming next. Just a few months later he found himself as the co-owner of a double decker bus, and since then he's put hundreds of hours and a considerable amount of skill into creating the YesBus. Chris dances like nobody is watching, loves to create enormous campfires and is the most industrious chap you'll ever meet.

Emms Profile.jpg


After years working as a charity fundraiser in Sierra Leone, Em now holds the fort at SayYesMore, organising our volunteer team, pulling tight the loose threads from events to website to bus to festival, and ensuring that everyone stays in an ever-changing loop. When not on YesDuty, Em leads youth expeditions around the world, loves feeding the coots through the boat's kitchen window, and plies her trade as an expert massage therapist.


Sarah Allison

Sarah Lister

Julia Profile.jpg


Jules has been with us from the beginning and has played an integral part in each Yestival, at the same time as endlessly adding to an extensive nomadic portfolio. She's always looking out for others before thinking about herself, is the glue behind the scenes of every event she's involved in, will lend her hand to any odd-job, and she even finds time for the occasional adventure.

Tam Profile.jpg


Tam almost turned her car around when driving to the first Yestival in 2015. This was to be her first SayYesMore event and she's been an ever-present face ever since, lending a hand to organising events and brightening our lives with her huge hair, even bigger smile and an ever-blossoming comedy sismance with fellow Blonde Adventurer, Jules.

Amanda Profile.jpg


Manda is probably the best travelled human on the SayYesMore team, and has lived abroad, mostly in Africa, for years. She's an expedition leader and dive master, eternal scarf-wearer and a new rock in the SayYesMore team. We bloody love her!

Steve Profile.jpg


Steve is our first aid guru, is an ever-popular ever-present supporter of SayYesMore, always has his event paperwork ready before we ask for it, and is top of the list of the people we'd choose to have around in an emergency. Top man.


Continuing Ed.

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The YesBus Team

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Tribe Leaders

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