In 2012, Dave Cornthwaite, adventurer, author, record breaker, story teller, founded the the project SayYesMore, as a life-affirming message and a reminder that small lifestyle changes can make a big difference.

Since then SayYesMore has blossomed, not just into three words that easily slip into the daily vocabulary of positive people, but into a growing community based on helping its members redesign their lives for the better.

It’s the key to not letting life pass you by. It’s easy to get into a habit, and when that habit is ‘no’ by default you end up hiding away, not challenging yourself and growing stale. Saying yes more means you become more interesting, you create memories and learn new skills. Learn to communicate better and surround yourself with good people. It means something different to everyone, depending on their stage in life and needs at the time. As a message it’s clear but as a driver for this community and lifestyle it took on a life of its own — it’s a call to action for anyone wanting to make life count.

From the first Yestival in October 2015 to regular meetings and campouts with the YesTribe throughout the year, the SayYesMore community is now developing new groups throughout the UK and…steadily…in other parts of the world.

The community is free to anyone who is looking to make life less restricted, more enjoyable, more interesting and more memorable. The aim: to make a culture of happy, kind, yes-people normal. To help foster dreams of living and working based around passions and hobbies. To make sure we all use our time as well as possible. To take on fear and turn it into potential.

Do explore the website to find out about our ongoing projects and adventures, please join the YesTribe on Facebook, and if you’re nearby come along to our next event.

We can’t wait to have you as part of the family.

Read on to find out what we're up to, where, when and how you can get involved.