DreamCamp is a chance for youngsters to get outdoors, have fun together and dream BIG (and small)

Kids, imagine that you can do anything, and we mean anything!

DreamCamp is your magical corner of Yestival (ok, your parents can come too, if they’re good) for you to have fun and come and explore your dreams.

Just because you’re little doesn’t mean you can’t dream big AND make your dreams real.

What could they be? What would you do? Where would you go and how could you make them happen?

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While the parents were off being all grownup, we were setting off on epic mini adventures together to explore the mega dreams of tiny humans, we were hanging beds from trees (hammocks!), bushcrafting and making yummy snacks on the fire. There were games, face paints and space to create anything you could imagine and there was even a camp tuck shop.

DreamCamp Promise to Parents: Just to warn you, we promise to send them back to you stuffed full of adventures for you all to go on, smiles, giggles and quite possibly a little grubbier!


Our Session Leaders and DreamCamp Helpers bring a fantastic blend of experience from working with kids as teachers and teaching assistants, bushcraft leaders, adventure tour leaders, yoga teachers, etc, etc and we have the necessary DBS checks in place.

Teens tend to enjoy helping out with the younger kids and move between our sessions in DreamCamp and the wider festival.

During the rest of the weekend, when we’re not running sessions, the DreamCamp Dome is available for kids and parents to use...help yourself to books, drawing, painting, sticking, games, den making and face paints.



Yestival 2018 saw two sessions specifically for parents. As parents there are so many things you can say ‘yes’ to, both with and without your kids but it can take some creative thinking about the 'how'. There are different barriers to be worked through and we are keen to give you the space to explore doing just that. We also want to make your Yestival experience the best it can be with those kiddos too!

Click through to this Family Yestival Facebook event - this is a place to chat to keep up to date with the happenings, give your input and ask questions on things you missed at Yestival.


DreamCamp 2017 Magical Moments

in 2017 we grew to a DreamCamp Tribe of 28, woohoo!

We were inspired by the tales Olivia & Hannah Edsell and their walk up and over Nepal, the awesome Meek sisters’ campaign against single use plastic and Frankie’s adventurous tour of New Zealand. 

William, set his sights on conquering North America, by bike (after sailing there) and who could forget “I want to be a hedgehog”

Watch this space for tales and stories from Yestival 2018