At SayYesMore we’re passionate about getting outside and having a fun, positive impact on the people and places around us.

We are searching for a team of brand ambassadors to work alongside in 2019; ambitious adventurers, entrepreneurs, activists and bloggers who love what they do and do it well, at the same time approaching their work with a positive, friendly, creative vibe.

Living adventurously looks different for everyone so we’re casting a wide net in search of the next generation of do’ers: so whether you’re a climber, a wild camper, a trail runner, a surfer, a swimmer, a scientist, an adventurous parent, an eco farmer, a space explorer (we think they’re called Astronauts), a volunteer or a habitual litter picker, we want to hear from you.

You don’t need to be a ninja, just be a ninja at whatever you do and make a difference by doing it.

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  • Are relatable and have something special  

  • Enjoy a developing online presence and are active on social media  

  • Have a positive outlook and promote good mental health  

  • Spend a bunch of time outside  

  • Love the environment and advocate for sustainable solutions to big and small problems

  • Enjoy nudging people towards living healthily

  • Are partial to more than a little adventure in their lives  

  • Could use a little training or help from folks more advanced in your field…  

  • Have a sense of humour and aren’t afraid to use it.

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As a SayYesMore Ambassador, you’d be happy to…

  • Create at least 5 original blog posts or vlogs for SayYesMore in 2019

  • Feel comfortable tagging and hashtagging SayYesMore and the YesTribe once you join our family

  • Wear SayYesMore clothing or use your SayYesMore goodies while doing your thing in the great outdoors (and preferably posting about it)  

  • Exemplify the SayYesMore culture and lifestyle  

  • Consider availability to speak at events throughout the year

  • Add your work with us to your email signature, Instagram and Twitter profile (this one isn’t compulsory, you’re already quite busy)

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In return, you’d get…

  1. Exposure to the YesTribe and a wider audience through SayYesMore channels, social media and website

  2. Opportunities to share your work with new audiences

  3. Opportunities to speak at multiple events to tell your story and practice your public speaking skills

  4. A little package of SayYesMore gear to set you up for your adventures

  5. An invite to an Ambassadors get-together with the SayYesMore team in early 2019

  6. Lots of little treats throughout 2019

  7. Free attendance to all SayYesMore-led events at The YesBus, and working space when the YesBus is open

  8. And more support, love and help throughout the year and beyond…

Applications for 2019 are now closed.

Watch this space for further announcements.

A message from our founder

“We want to be associated not just with great people, but with an evolution of change-making work. Our Ambassador Programme is our chance to help a new generation of trailblazers to make the most of their potential, skills and opportunities. As an influencer/ ambassador myself, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t in these schemes. Each of us are different and we’ll provide the flexibility to ensure that our ambassadors get as much out of the programme as SayYesMore does. This is a 50-50 exchange - we help you develop, and you help us inspire more people. Win. Win.”

Dave Cornthwaite, December 2018

DC casually promoting a paddleboard, a dog, sunglasses and beer, without remotely selling his soul :)

DC casually promoting a paddleboard, a dog, sunglasses and beer, without remotely selling his soul :)