Hey! Welcome to The YesTribe. The YesTribe is a community of awesome people who want to share friendship, support, positivity and energy in order to make all levels of life count.

Our aims…

  • To make positivity normal
  • To support change by reducing hurdles and building a supportive network
  • To ensure we have regular organised meet-ups, gatherings, camp-outs and events
  • To do more than just hang out. We’d like to share skills and create businesses together

If you…

  • want to change careers to do something you’re more passionate about
  • want to surrounding yourself with positivity and like minded people
  • want to take up new hobbies and learn new skills
  • want to head off on life-changing adventures big or small
  • feel like you have something to give but don’t know how or why

The YesTribe is for you! 

To get involved: 

  1. Join the community on Facebook 
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  3. Sign up to our monthly newsletter
  4. Come to or organise a local YesTribe meet up or event. See below for local tribes: