Sign up to a weekend of camping and digging with the YesTribe in March and April to help us create a beautiful home for the YesBus at Brinsbury Campus in Sussex. Let us know if you're available through this link -

We're creating a unique multi-use space on a former London double decker bus. From a creative hub enabling a vibrant, progressive community of individuals to a rentable space for meetings, overnight stays and original events, the YesBus is an example of exactly why it exists - there's a beauty in bringing an audacious idea to reality.

Mid May 2016: Dave, Chris, Tam and Rima consider the possibility of buying a bus for the YesTribe. Guess what happened next?!

After buying our bus in mid May a willing team of volunteers led by Chris Barnes has been undertaking the first stage of renovation. The bus has been stripped of all fittings, seats and innards that won't be needed in its new life.

The walls have been insulated while air vents, wood-burning stove and roof hatch have been installed, and power and water systems are being lined up for early 2017. 

The bus is on a hard standing in a boat yard near the Thames in West London, and we're working on an agreement with a landowner for the bus' brand new home out in the countryside.  

These are exciting times for the ever-growing YesTribe and we're looking for help to take this project to the next level. Read on for more on our plans and how you could help.

About the YesBus

She (or he?) used to be in service in London, and was then living in the Isle of Wight for three years - the downstairs was converted into a bike storage space and the outside of the bus was wrapped in a very cool dinosaur design. 

Since the YesTribe kicked into gear our founder Dave has been sharing a dream to buy a double decker bus and turn it into an amazing live/work/creative space, an HQ designed to be occasionally mobile and often hiding in some beautiful area of nature.

The YesBus will be fitted out professionally with places to sleep, both bunks and hammocks, desk space for up to ten people co-working, areas for relaxation, creativity, meetings, racks for adventure and outdoor gear, kitchen and eating space, bean bag corner, library, rooftop garden,  climbing wall and cinema screen on the outside, and more. We'd like the bus to be an example of what you can achieve with space-saving furniture in a relatively small space with everything on the bus having at least two purposes. 

We have a vision of having a small campground nearby, a garden to grow food and teach the art of permaculture, outdoor shower, compost toilets, solar and wind power and so much more.

Whether you want to write a book, escape the pressures of city living, learn skills, socialise with other members of the YesTribe, watch a film beamed onto the side of the bus, or even hire the space for a business meeting in a unique setting, the YesBus will be the perfect countryside retreat offering everything that the SayYesMore philosophy deems crucial.

This will be a bus of dreams, a place to uniquely connect to the outdoors and our own individual senses of adventure. A place where ideas will be seeded and grown into wonderful little projects that will change the world. 

How you can help


We're seeking the ideal location for the YesBus to live and operate when it's not zooming(ish) around the countryside spreading the word of Yes.

We're looking for a countryside location accessible to London with a very real sensation of nature. A place where members of the YesTribe can visit and camp nearby. Woodland or a patch of grass on a farm where the landowners appreciate what we're trying to do and could use a spot of income or even better, some willing, working hands to help manage the area.


Supporters & Partners

We'd like to work with a variety of partners who offer products that align with the SayYesMore philosophy. Sustainable power sources, adventure and outdoor brands, graphics companies, space-saving furniture designers and anyone with experience in conversions, tiny homes and creating awesome spaces.


Hands and Expertise

And of course, if you're skilled in fitting electrics, upholstery, interior design or even things like climbing walls to the outside of a bus, we'd love to hear from you! This is a community project and the family involved is growing, you're welcome to be a part of it.