A book club for the adventurous minded.

We belong to a global tribe that has adventure running through its veins, and a community that has been bound by the power of spending time in the company of like-minded doers, especially in the outdoors. 

Adventure isn't about ticking off the miles. We believe in the growth potential derived from completing our own challenges and being surrounded by others who are passionate about endurance journeys and exploring the world in their own way. 


Getting together to read and discuss books as a community will ensure that we spend more time with that valuable of resource - stories, and offer that all important incentive to finish those books each month, too.


As much as possible we aim to bring in our chosen author to the club's monthly meetings, to offer a deeper insight into the human experience behind the book and provide direct inspiration for everyone at the adventure book club to get out there and create their own story worth sharing. 

Subscription is £15 a month, which includes the monthly book selection (or a voucher for ebook), free entry to our end-of-month book club gathering, and the opportunity to meet authors, win prizes and get signed copies.

Income from the book club helps to keep SayYesMore moving, providing free events and getting good people together to do good things. Win win!

If adventure books aren't your thing head on over to the Rebel Book Club. A community of forward thinkers who read game-changing books every single month.

Visit the Adventure Book Club site to join an awesome addition to our tribe

Past events

March 2017

We enjoyed a superb interview via FaceTime with OneBreath author Adam Skolnick, providing a fascinating insight into the world of freediving and how the book came about. 

Ensuring we can get an author to the event, either in person or via FaceTime, is a main aim of the Adventure Book Club. Authors are experts in their fields who worked hard to produce the book we have the pleasure of reading, so to spend an hour listening to Adam's insights was a vindication of creating this club. 

'How can we help' is the question we always pose to an author, so reviews for One Breath on Amazon is a super start, plus social media follows. 



Once Adam switched off we set about posting some extra goodies to the member's only Facebook page, videos relating to the books and discounts to other Yestribe activities. 

We've also decided to send our books on a journey. At the 24th April event all members present will be able to sign and leave a message in our three books of the month so far and then we'll send them off on a journey of kindness by finding a stranger to take a copy. 'Pass it on when you're done' is the message we'll give them, and inside the cover will be instructions on how the book's progress and location can be logged. Cool!


Our next book of the month is Reza Pakravan’s Kapp to Cape, and we’ve already confirmed that Reza can join our next meet-up on 24th April. If you haven’t signed up to the club yet please do as soon as you can to get in on the next round of action.

Signing out, with a thirst for water!

All the best
Dave & Fiona